Finally Its here..a Gap of 1 yr was a bit too much

Friday, July 30, 2010

Common sans of the Comic sense

(There is no Tail for this Tale)

you leave a place with total no idea of how your next few months gonna be..
in just a short time you get the "first impression"
are first impressions the last impression?

i stepped off the bus.. and went to pick up my luggage..the 31deg cel.. had already forced me to say "this place is hot" a couple of times..
in time the sweat on my arms .. started feeling like i just got sprayed by some stick glue...
(count the number of A.C in this)

the first few days was a getting used to thing...
gonna be about 2 weeks now...
the temperature or the humidity doesnt matter to me much... i knw what i can expect weather wise from here..

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Prologue

its pretty strange, i aint a person who can write tales.. or is it..
it starts like this.. once my friend Shake recommended me to read a book.. read it.. for the wrong intentions obviously..
after the book was over in 2 days flat.. i told him.. there is nothing special in it.. he said the book is made for the Indian audience , alright.. that day i told him.. ill also end up writing a book.. and should turn out better..

The days have past.. been almost 3 years since that happened.. a new part/chapter of my life has begun..
a new part coz now i am away from my city Bangalore.. for job training..
a new chapter coz now I have to live alone .. start being responsible.