Finally Its here..a Gap of 1 yr was a bit too much

Friday, July 30, 2010

Common sans of the Comic sense

(There is no Tail for this Tale)

you leave a place with total no idea of how your next few months gonna be..
in just a short time you get the "first impression"
are first impressions the last impression?

i stepped off the bus.. and went to pick up my luggage..the 31deg cel.. had already forced me to say "this place is hot" a couple of times..
in time the sweat on my arms .. started feeling like i just got sprayed by some stick glue...
(count the number of A.C in this)

the first few days was a getting used to thing...
gonna be about 2 weeks now...
the temperature or the humidity doesnt matter to me much... i knw what i can expect weather wise from here..

What i left behind was.. a peaceful street with no issues of waking up anytime in the day,or sleeping late at night.. hearing dogs howl arnd 2 in the morning..
and hear the hoysala make their daily night rounds.. having delicious food at any time of the day.. going out with frnds in Rmz.. trying to pull gr8 1's leg.. when he goes "deaf"
or trying to convince another that no matter how much he tries.. its close to impossible to give him 12gb of images when the dvd rom is spoilt and there are not enough pen drives.

now what i am doing is totally different...
in a city that is only amazing when it has rained for more than 2 hrs.Places that seemed why would anyone visit
caused a little excitement in me also..

but what i have heard is.. no matter how far you are from home.. you will always be remembering it..
went to see the howrah bridge... hmmmm seems like the kr puram bridge.. just not on a river...
crossed Victoria... ah great Tipu sultan was here too?
puchka... lets go eat some puchka... oh wait.. this is same pani puri.. nothing different...
roso gulla....

yah... heard it right.. for some reason.. all the vowels here.. have transferred to O.. its not deepu... it will be Deepoh.. (try to get the accent properly.. i urge u..)
karunamayoo... or if u spell it how u hear it.. it will be karuhnamohyaaee... ( u pronounce tht right.. dont think so..) but this is wat everyone does... talk abt the irritating things.. coz it grasps you quickly..
few things my friends told me not to miss .... lets enumerate.. (dont worry its not the training talking)
1> bong girls are nice... yah sure... if Round is a shape...
2> dont miss the ashoka hotel near howrah.. macha... if i want tht.. cant we ask our Mmacha, to pick..(remember iron man movie,, the offer sir got!!)
3>the place is dirty... well its not.. i have been to most of the places around here.. its not tht dirty..
oh im not taking sides of this place now... but.. every place has its place....

this place even though new.. is now a part of my life... need to take it 1 step at a time.. everyday is a new morning.. the day will pass.. and a new day will come forth.. bringing in a fresher outlook...
lets see how it goes.


  1. good to hear you have accepted kolkata atleast for next 3 months.. keep enjoying bong sweets.. the roso gollas...the sondesh..cham cham etc

  2. Take my word abhi, the sweets arent that great..

  3. sry all i have to ssay i am reading jst today...