Finally Its here..a Gap of 1 yr was a bit too much

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Prologue

its pretty strange, i aint a person who can write tales.. or is it..
it starts like this.. once my friend Shake recommended me to read a book.. read it.. for the wrong intentions obviously..
after the book was over in 2 days flat.. i told him.. there is nothing special in it.. he said the book is made for the Indian audience , alright.. that day i told him.. ill also end up writing a book.. and should turn out better..

The days have past.. been almost 3 years since that happened.. a new part/chapter of my life has begun..
a new part coz now i am away from my city Bangalore.. for job training..
a new chapter coz now I have to live alone .. start being responsible.

Yesterday was the first day i got the tiffin system in this city- Salt lake city.. not utah... its kolkata. and i realized i am not as responsible as i think i might be. so i asked 4 of my buddies to get rough with me. this is how they reacted.
To visualize the first person think of the new 5-star ad.. in which 2 guys keep forgetting they met each other after every bite. so he goes "Dude.. wat happened.. wats the problem.. its fine.. nothing will happen..."
"dude wats happen." "wats the problem" "wat happened"
The next one.. got all senti with me.. started finding alternatives to get rid of the "responsibilities" i might get into... its sweet.. but the thing is.. i cant get rid of this now..
The 3rd one. is kinda trying reverse psychology on me.. "you dont knw how responsible u are.." "u will do it" "its the first day"
Now the gr8 1.. the last person.. i always go to him when nothing else works out.. or i want a kick in the b*** .. his talk was inspirational. "ur in deep sea now,u got to swim"
i wanted to add a pic of being pampered.. but most images have women in them.. so do the needful.
next he goes.. "this is just the beginning.. in a week it will phase out" "u cant be always pampered"

Now let me tell you my responsibility. I will get my dinner in a tiffin.. after eating it.. i need to wash the dishes.. wash the tiffin i'll get the food in. and ill have to keep it back.
ill need to take care of every penny i am gonna spend.. and make sure i dont lose any.
need to make sure I get up early enough to not miss my training class. need to make sure my clothes are ready..
all this might seem nothing great at all.. but i have never done this in my 23 yrs .. i might have done some part of it..but not all of them together.. so after 3 nights alone.. my experience begins.. and i hope its gonna be as fruitful as i think it might be..


  1. good start....hope at office... u will find some likeingness.............

  2. 2 things....
    the book you read by chetan Bhagat is awful and 2 thing you are a better writer.

    you should add your web cam experience too,and do share the EE block society nonsense.