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Thursday, August 12, 2010

An AD and Something more

“Dubara math puchna.. “
“ Taste bhi , health bhi, khusiyan bhi..”
Or  “ye hee hai right choice baby… aaha..”
“jab ghar ki ronak bada ne ho.. deewaro ko jab saajana hoo””
Did these lines strike a chord in your head… we might have heard them between a crunching cricket match.. or during a football final.. or some series … we hate them but we just might sing their tune unknowingly..
Lets count? How many advertisment lines can u remember!!
More than 3 definitely..

Well..there is something special with these two ads.. as usual there might be more exceptional ads with some more humour or flavour in them.. but these two have something distinct..

Platinum rings.. your day of love… did you realize what this tag line just meant…

 the actress is with her husband who is busy on the phone..(may be he owns a I.T company) waiting for the metro..she explains how she got married.. again nothing great… but then the metro rush comes in and seperates her from him… (hindi film aint it) she searches for him frantically … but then sees him in the corner who is also searching for her..  this is where you got to pause and watch this actress..  its like mona lisa.. mysterious.. shes crying.. shes smiling.. or noh it’s the other way round… the emotion is just perfect.. and then the line comes.. we found our day of love… for some reason.. the only reason I think I like this ad is because of tht emotion which this girl showed..

but actually this has more meaning than the girls emotion… its just a facial expression… but it really means somehting.. since a very very long time.. people opt for arrange marriage.. “they” say you do love the person who u get married to.. if that’s the case then why run around LOVE marriage.. very different ideology… love first marry next.. or marry first then love??
            I just remembered a nice tale that happened with me once…
During my PUC time… like always very bored in class.. our group was talking about everything from eating chicken roll to running to a gaming centre .. to making out :P .. then i asked a frnd of mine why would anyone be interested in arrange marriage…a frnd.. who obviously not the wisest of us all.. said something that created an enormous amount of reaction in the rest of us..
He said , “ arrange marriage mein spice hai… imagine.. the first night… you don’t know her.. all you know is her name.. and few facts you came to know just some time(days/months) ago… “  all of us eyes wide open.. listening more keenly after hearing “first night” .. he continues…“ just imagine what will happen.., almost strangers.. …… the first touch…..or even what should he say… what is right… how will she react..  or even should he sit or just stand far off.. ..”  .. we ended up hitting him coz he dint say what we wanted to hear… (if you knw what I mean)
Anyways….something to think about.. obvious this might be funny.. but it was kinda right… the first time was or might be their day of love.. but now..? when both the genders are almost equal.. what happens? Girls are bold enough to just shoot some random question at you… boys for reason have turned to be more timid then ever… 

Now comes the Shubh arambh…

Why don’t we find some bus stop like this aint it… I had always watched the last 3 secs of this ad.. which dint make any sense.. but once I watched it complete.. I liked it very much…
First of all.. we cant find a nice beach view, with a bus stop.. with a girl eating a chocolate..
And also finding a girl where this dialogue can work… but this lucky guy just happened to be in the right place in the right time.. and also his mom told him that before doing something good eat a sweet!!

first..notice.. she doesn’t even bother looking at him when giving him the piece.. after he does get the piece of chocolate.. he’s kinda waiting for something to happen… and it happens..  her heart melts.. and she asks the question he was waiting for… well.. Its very smart…when watching this ad.. pay close attention to the girl.. after he says “ mein ne socho aap ko ghar chod du! “ .. the straight face with which he pulls this line off is purely amazing..
the background score changes.. the mood changes.. and the ad ends very beautifully..

Let me knw wat u think.. depends how you think of this…

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  1. AS i said, we can never find a bus top like this...Still its a cute Ad( well conceptualised).

    Shubh Aaramb