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Friday, August 13, 2010

Alooo matar Wierd masala..

Today happened to be a bizarre day..  
                 for the lunch break .. we... ergo (5 men and 2 women) go to the cafeteria available in campus..  a new vendor has come so we pretty much enjoy the food..
the usual cafe is divided as two separate sections for veg and non veg meals... but besides that there in just one counter for special orders.. in sense excluding meals (thalis). 

Now the only thing which i found tasty in this place was chicken.. so todays order was 1 plate chicken keema matar parota.. and 4 chana parota..
we hand over 1 receipt to the person taking in the orders... they usually call out the bill numbers when the food is ready.. we can pick them up after handing over the duplicate bill receipt..
Now this person gives 2 plates of chana.. and 1 plate of some wierd looking matar aloo masala (no one noticed that its different yet)..  3 of us go and find a place to sit... the girls also got their order so they joined them..
now my friend and i told the order taker.. that still 2 plates are left... 1 veg and other non veg... he asks us to wait...
after some time.. he hands us one chana masala plate.. and again the strange looking matar aloo masala... I enquired.. bhai .. ek veg.. ek non veg... he replies.... "haaan... ! thats chicken keeema...."
now we both go and join the rest of the group.. as soon as we sit, i notice that whats on my plate(aloo matar wierd masala) is the exact same thing in one of the earlier 3 plates... 

Only my frnd and i knew what the wierd was... we both burst laughing... then i ask... why is my side dish and his side dish the same... the rest of the guys and 1 girl say..." what is it.. we had few bites..." after few minutes of laughter.. i said.. its non veg...

what makes this even more funny is that all of them are pure brahmins.. and they have never  tasted anything besides veg...
hmmmm what do you call this... trick or treat???

In no way i want to hurt any sentiments with either eating non-veg food, or making fun of their beliefs, this post is just on a lighter note of what had occured.
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  1. shld ve recorded their reactions :)
    they would go to 10 temples to clean their sins :)
    they would first ask u the next time wat u ordered and which plate is ur's......

  2. Imagine their parents know what their kids did, they would visit more than 20 temples, conduct homa and undergo many days of fasting.....