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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Chapter 1.

               The swaying of the trees had just subsided as soon as the downpour began. The five minutes of rain had filled the potholes with enough slush to make small ponds. Many riders got down from their bikes and rushed towards the shelters in the corner of the road. The Chai-wallas prayed to the Gods as they knew now their business will flourish.. From the midst of the streets of Karunamoyee, a strange looking man was seen playing hopscotch with the potholes,trying to hold his jeans from getting the ends wet.Every eye tried to find pleasure in seeing the stranger trying to escape the rain with such a bad downpour.The chai-walla was even more confident thinking that this stranger will definitely buy some tea.

He makes a giant leap,his jackets hood catches some air and drops on his shoulders..he barely reaches the other side but ended up getting his shoes in the ditch.. He pushed some people into the shelter to make place for himself. The chai-walla smiled and asked “kīsē dada.. chai khāōẏā” (so brother , do you want some tea)

In the middle of the curses the stranger looked at the vendor and shrugged his white jacket showing his disinterest,the chai walla said “notun juto borsa kale,ha ha“(New shoes during rainy season haha).
       The stranger gets a call.. “yeah .. its rk tell me..!! ah ha ah ha… hmmm ok… will do !!! that’s easy… start . then run…then.., now try it… coooll… tell me if you need anything else wokays” I look up the sky and then look down at my borrowed watch.. “ahh its now or never” i conceals the phone deep in my jeans pocket and start rain evading again.

       After alternating between puddle hopping and Hide-n-seek with the rain..I finally arrived at the mall. My jacket had a thick layer of water in it.. my jeans was all soaking wet.. the shoes dint seem like new shoes cell phone did not take a break from ringing.Very slowly I tried to slid my hand into my pocket.on my first attempt rain dripped all the way to the floor. I dint want to get stared at my the mall officials.. I quickly scanned the mall floor for a restroom.. i took a few steps forward to get a better view of the corner wall. The clumsy footsteps quickly followed with a thought, “ now I know why people tell me not to wear long jeans. no one likes to sweep the floor” , pulling my jeans up from the floor..i got to the restroom. “ah no, no air blower”. I had to dry my jacket the old fashion way…twisting it left and right to squeeze every ounce of water in it.After I was close to dry enough I tried my second attempt to retrieve my cell.By now my cellphone had already had 23 missed calls and a dozen messages. “Hey!! rk wher r u?” ,”no transprt here,tel us whn u get thr” ,””rain spoiln al fun,try 2 get thr & get the tickets.” Now I had a objective infront of me. I got out of the restroom looking all wet.. but it dint matter anymore-I was like a drop in an ocean.

             The mall had a fresh look now. the cleaners were cursing everyone who was getting the floor wet.Everyone’s hair was wet, the girls restroom was flooded by anyone who had lost their make-up in the battle with the rain. I grinned thinking girls have so much to think off.. A rain can be such a disaster. Then from no where I saw someone, bouncy black hair, green eyes. The combination of green eyes and bouncy hair made me take a diversion to the wrong set of stairs. I slowly walked for a few flight of stairs.

        Now I had a clear view, black jeans with a knee length skirt, a blue tee with a scarf, a matching hazy blue handbag, and sandals that were made to fit her heels.The combination of jeans and a skirt always puzzled me, but this nobody really could pull it off. At the top of the escalator was a super-market.. the entrance seemed very deserted at this time. As soon as she reached the end of the escalator she quickly walked away taking a turn to the right . “may be to the other stores on this floor. “ I thought. But then she stopped. A jerk pulled her back..she made a loud “mich” noise with her tongue..she turned around.. Her bag was stuck on a guard rail..she tried freeing herself. Unknowingly I went close and helped the bag loose. No word was spoken from either side.She just smiled and walked away.I did the same.I walked the opposite direction.

Having nothing else to do but to wait for my friends from work.I stood in the corner after moving few steps.The green eye girl disappeared in the crowd.The evening rush finally filled the floor. I spent couple of minutes either playing a game on my phone or looking at myself in the mirror on the opposite wall and setting my hair,standing beside the guard rail,I kept looking around to spend time.Then I saw the green eyed girl,She was standing on the opposite floor on the next floor, doing almost the same thing I was doing.. playing with her phone or setting her hair or looking below.Ours eyes met, all she did was smile.

      A group of people started leaving the super market. In between one of them was a mid 50’s women, the dull brown maroon saree stood out inbetween the brightly dressed people in the mall. She handed the bill to the guard outside the market, who returned it after punching few holes on the bills. She slowly walked ahead to reach the escalator going down. A bunch of teenagers frolicking in their own way dint notice the old women, they slowly pushed her to the side. I was taking alternate glances between the old lady and the green eyed girl. The behaviour of the teenagers seemed very childish to me.But the old lady did not mind it.The green eyed girl looked at me and then at her phone.the old lady smiled and kept moving aside to the end of the floor.The girl opened her hadbag and took out a small mirror,”her handbag might have a bunch of things”, I thought. From the corner of the floor the old lady took small steps forward to reach the escalator, carrying groceries in both hands she did not notice the small puddle of water on the floor. The green eyed girl now was looking at me. She waved, being far from her, I could barely make out what she was said, “Thanks! Come up, my name is ….. !!“ .

Thud...crash....i looked down to hear the source of the noise, the old lady slipped, trying hard to keep herself up,her efforts had failed,she fell head first on the floor.The groceries cushioned her fall. Few apples came rolling out of the bag,her handbag on the water.

She looked helpless on the floor.The guard dint take heed, the teenagers were far ahead. A family walking behind her dint seem to notice her. I was standing there looking at her take a hard fall,the green eyed girl waiting for me to come up.

Where to go, did I notice her fall, or I wanted to stop calling the girl the “green eyed girl.” I had to do something quick. 

Rk has to make a choice
Send an email .. with the word relating to your choice as the subject line and nothing else..
What does rk do.? You Make a decision.
If u want him to go and speak to the green eyed girl, send the word      
If u want him to help the old lady, send the word         
Voting will close on 23.59 IST on friday august 27th.

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  1. was so interesting, I was thinking what's the next thing.

  2. nice... now reading on the whole the story looks interesting....put copyright :)

  3. obviously save the old woman.. but knowing rk.. then again he wud rather prefer talking to the girl... budiya jaye bhaad mein...hain na RK...

  4. i know a lawyer, he can actually legalize your book.

  5. now u wud save de woman or approach de gal??
    green o maroon?
    cant wait..........hw bout lettin us kno asap ;)