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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Chapter 2.

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Chapter 2.

The old lady looked helpless on the floor,The guard dint take heed, the teenagers were far ahead, A family walking behind her dint seem to notice her. I was standing there looking at her take a hard fall,the green eyed girl waiting for me to come up. The slip was bad enough for even a twenty year old, I rushed towards her simultaneously sliding my phone in my pocket.Her eyes still shut from the shock, trying to find her spectacles. I looked around for her specs, the frame of the specs looked very elegant and did not seem to look like it belonged to a 50 yr old, sadly the bad fall broke a lens of her specs.I helped her up and said,”there you go ma’am, let me get that.” In my head I was thinking-“ma’am??” my friend back home will be really glad that atleast now I am more civil.
 I carried her grocery bag, handed her the specs and said,”are you fine, that was a bad fall,your glasses are broken.” She started giggling,Puzzled I tried picking up the rolling apples.After few more moments of laughter she replied,”yippiee…! that was fun, lets do that again.” ,I still couldn’t understand why she was so happy, ”ma’am do you have to go somewhere, lets go sit somewhere.” Fearing she might have got a concussion from the fall, I took her to a popular café,to get a pack of ice. She wore her broken spectacles looked around and said,”oh we are here , I would like a sandwich and a masala tea.” I went towards the counter and placed her order,I brought back a bottle of water while noticing every table had a group of friends or a couple having a great laugh.The music played on the radio went well with the climate. In the midst of the noise, I heard a very low tone of a girl’s anklet but quickly noticing the tea and pakodas in every table made me hungry.
 “Here ma’am have some water,how are u feeling now.” “Kiran”,she replied. Thinking that she might be looking for someone I said,”is she your relative ma’am”, She nodded and replied,”my name is Kiran or you can call me granny or nana ,I am not so old that you call me ma’am”, The anklets sound grew louder, why I could hear something so minor still amazes me,but I did not bother to search for the source.The old lady or now known as granny, was enjoying her meal without bothering about anyone else. After finishing her sandwich granny said,” so son tell me are you not planning to eat anything?”. Perplexed about what to call her,I said ma’am in a lower tone, and then continued,”I am a little hung……” Even before I could finish my sentence granny got up, caught each ear and said nervously,”Mein ne kuch nahi kiya,ye hee mujhe sandwich ke liye le kar aa gaya.” From the corner of my eye I could only notice a finger moving up and down accompanied with clinking sound from a bunch of glass bangles.
 I turned around to get a better view, the moment I turned around I stood still, standing right in front of me scolding granny was a beautiful girl ,so beautiful that the word beautiful wasn’t even enough to describe her.The songs “pehli nazar mein “, or “Tujhe dekha to je jana sanam " or “Pehla nasha pehla khumar” were all rushing through my head.
 At this modern time a girl dressed like her really blew my head. She wore a bright yellow salwar suit with cute embroidery, the salwar had small print of blossoms, tulips and roses. The prints from the salwar floated out of her dress and painted a pretty picture surrounding her. Every now and then she moved her hand the bunch of yellow and red glass bangles kept making the clinking sound., which now were on her hips as she tried to listen to granny’s predicament.The other hand which had a small handbag,tried to multitask with holding some keys and pushing back the lock of hair, behind her left ear, which kept coming over her eyes. For a instance I lifted my right hand to help her from the constant distraction she had of tucking her hair behind the ear. Just before I could move closer reality kicked it, I gasped and her ears came to my notice,Her matching long ear rings played hide n seek with the world as it hid behind her hair. the black design print with a tiny green stone on her forehead made a very estatic bhindi. Suddenly a cold shudder ran through my spine she was facing me, she was saying something, but all I could hear was a flat tone , the sound one would hear when you burst a fire cracker very close to you and a shrill flat tone rings in the ear, after losing track of few words from her I could hear her say,” ……Thanks a lot for helping nana, she can be very childish sometimes,hope she wasn’t too much trouble,anyways how much did she make you spend.”
 “duddina bagge thale keduskobeda,adenu thondre alla” (noh it wasn’t a problem, you don’t have to bother about the cost.) All she said replied was,” duddina kya?” and I was thinking from where did I say that. I sensed my cellphone vibrate. For once I was glad the cell rang, it brought me back to my sense.. I said the same thing back in english. She replied,”oh no no that wont be right on my part” granny interuppted her saying,”its ok saloni hes a nice guy, we can may be repay him later when you come here again on Friday” and she winked at me.  
 I couldn’t help myself from not smiling, I clearly understood what granny was hinting at. I helped granny up, and took her to saloni’s car. The back seat was filled with so many shopping bags,and the new grocery bags made the back seat look like saloni’s very own mini market,granny quickly sat on the front passenger seat, Saloni closed the back door, walked upto the driver side door and stopped.She turned around , looked at me and said ,”Thanks!,for helping her,she means a lot to me..and I think the green eye girl will be waiting for you” the last sentence came with a twinkle in her eye and a smile that was so innocent but had so much mischief in it.She sat in the car and drove away.
  I stood there for a brief moment ,smiling at the scenario that unfolded.i looked at my watch and realized that I still got to buy the tickets.. I turned around ,got back inside the mall and rushed to the ticket counter to find my friends already waiting for me…

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  1. why are you behaving like Ekta kapoor, you dodo,dumbo,stupid,idiot,jackass. i feel i am watching a tele series and have to wait every saturday for a new episode. Dont do that, you leave at a high point and say wait for next episode. dumb - dumb.
    i hope thats enough criticism
    Anyways nice flow.

  2. oh oh 1 hero, 2 heroins (till now :) )......... ok ok lets see where'll this go

  3. wait deepu many more will come and go...nice way to carry forward..