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Monday, August 9, 2010

A novel Novel

I just have come to think... to actually start writing a work of ficiton.. that deals with me... it is gonna be 95% original.. may be filmy ..may be comedy.. or if cant think of anything.. then its gonna be something what i have gone through...

lets see how it goes.. the first scene comes very soon...  

P.S : if you wanna be a character in the novel.. then email me with the subject as  
A N.Novel  Character.. < ur character name>
        with who you wanna be in the story .. and how you want your character to be based...
if not now.. then i will bring you sooner or later..

p.s.s : you cant be the main character.. so think of something else..

P.S: I do not own any images.. found on this post.. the credit of the image to be given to the rightful owner.


  1. wats it abt some more details da
    oly then we'll be able to come up with the name for ur novel