Finally Its here..a Gap of 1 yr was a bit too much

Thursday, September 30, 2010


As part of the Special occasion..
                                                       - Abhishek Kumar Sharma

Rk had asked me write a article for his special series and i was delaying it for a long time coz i never found anything which i cud write about, correction wanted to write nature i am a critic i like  to say things based on how they appear to me,which many a times has hurt people or least to say has rubbed a lot of people in the wrong i cant write about people.tell me to me write about the current affairs or political issues i would fill pages.but to write about some meaningful and relavent to his blog is a task.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Legend of RK : A Walk Through Time

The Sequal to The Legend of Rk : The Sighting.
                                                                     -       Venkat 

" Time " - a topic that has caught man's imagination  ever since he developed the ability to think .and one which the  greatest minds have written countless poems and verses on .

When Einstein proposed the theory of relativity , its implication in science was of a very great magnitude. The surprising part is its application to the simple things in life  :   ""How long a minute is, depends on which side of the bathroom door you're on.  " -Zall's second law.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wish ...

I like this, I love that..
A little bit more of this, and a little bit more of that..,
Even though my hands are full,
I still want that..
                            - R.K

As Part of the Special Occasion Articles..
  I Wish i Get this...
                                       -   Anjuli

The Legend of RK : The Sighting

With Great Joy..  As Part of The Special Articles.  

                    Few People Don't Write Coz .. when they Write.. it Makes a Difference.. 
This and if possible and Few more to Follow.. By the Great One.. Venkat.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Impression me Impression you

Food I eat - for me to live,
Water I drink - for me to survive,
Friends I make  - for me to have fun,
Money I make  - for me to Enjoy,
But Impressions i make -  for me to Impress You. 
                                            -   R.K

As part of the Special Occasion Articles..
 My Experience of the First Day in the College
                                                                   -  Deepak D.M

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Search For Happiness

Do i Run around the Dream, 
or Do i run around the Lust, 
The Run i make to find the Truth..
The Run i make To search my Happiness..
the search which ends in me , to begin with.
                                        -   R.K

As Part of the Special Occasion Articles.. 
The Search For Happiness 
                                       - Lipitha

The Secret of L

  A strange title for something very simple.  Love, Labor and Lonely.

            I have found love in many places and in many ways.. I Love my moms cooking, shes the best out there.. and I cant say that enough.. but this is not about what or whom I end up loving more than other..

I have loved being Lonely since a very long time.. I Love being silent the rest of the time… Labor is now what im going to end up loving..

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

            The travel from the airport to home was as long as my flight till here.. Quickly reaching home.. I got ready to leave for the meeting…Many things had changed in the past few months.. the auto prices, the vegetation.. the metro was nice being back home.. the feeling was great..

            The meeting got over.. and I came out of the office.. I decided to have a snack at a burger joint..
I took an auto to get to M.G road.. once I got there..I walked a distance to get to the joint.. I saw a big crowd at a place.. I asked a fellow onlooker whats the rush..He said that the sweet store was going to be built on a very old plant.. only few of them were actually left in this part of the continent…Another onlooker then clarified that it was a old plant.. not a tree.. but a plant..” hmmm!!” that really generates some interest. I decided to stay close by till the time the store owner payed few officals and begin the sweet tasting.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chapter 4

Votes are in:
Call the number : 3 votes.
Do not Call the number : 4 votes
Chapter 4.

The Greatest Emotion Cannot be Expressed- Only Felt,
Just like a Diamond can be worn not stared at.
                           -  R.K 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time will Not Do us Apart.

Sitting in front of the laptop.. squeezing my eye trying to guess which key comes next to which.. cursing the power company for taking away power at this time of the night… who would expect a message from a friend.
            After finishing the last of the pav’s .. (having pav bhaji as dinner aint nice when your appetite is big) I got a message earlier. :
            Earlier we said .. lets meet and then plan..
            Now its lets plan and meet..
            Same Friends.. only the Time has Changed.

Who ever wrote it.. either hated his friends or had a experience with Time.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Damn of the Shiny mane..

One….. “ahh its just one..” *brush *brush *brush… two…. Three…. Four…. Five…… oh.. are you crazy…. For real….. ..six.. seven.. eight.. ..oh no more… *brush *brush..9 10..11.12..13…..14..15….  where is the freaking oil when u need it.. .. and after some time I gave up counting the number of gray hair I have…!!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Verse to few ..

 A not so great man had told me once.. its not about always telling a friend what his weakness is.. it feels right to also tell what he is good at…  taking his advice or whatever u call it.. I felt it is the right time to tell few special people (it’s a big list) about how they have made a difference..
Some of this might be cliché but it matters to me.. coz in some way or other they did change me.. they made me a better person and “once you get up there you should never…. “ (im gonna change this to) “once you get up there , they should always be standing right next to you”

Changing times..

This post comes more of a good news to some and a bit of a bad news to few.
Having spent close to 2 months away from home, people might call this post as “ur missing home” but I call it more of a self realization.The little things that are always left unsaid but hold a great impact when the obvious is stated.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
I reached the mall around the same time , I first walked through the parking lot to see if I could find her car.15 minutes had past going through all the floors of the parking lot I thought she did not come , at the very top floor I saw a green coupe, my heart skip a beat.. could it be hers.. I went closer , it was a green beat, my suspicion went away when I read her name in a big font on the back windshield mirror.