Finally Its here..a Gap of 1 yr was a bit too much

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Changing times..

This post comes more of a good news to some and a bit of a bad news to few.
Having spent close to 2 months away from home, people might call this post as “ur missing home” but I call it more of a self realization.The little things that are always left unsaid but hold a great impact when the obvious is stated.
            I for some reason don’t emote much.. I remember the 1st week when I was here, had to do everything on my own.. it made me want to just sit in a corner and sulk.. after a couple of minutes I had to get over it and get everything done by myself.. coz the underlying fact in the matter was… “mard ko dard nahi hota” .. right! But times have changed , I am more of a man who bothers about his hair , who finds road side trees at the time of spring beautiful when they blossom, I am more of a guy who doesn’t emote with someone else but definitely do it within me…
            I remember the time when water cooler jokes did not seem very funny to me.. now I am in a place where I am making up water cooler jokes.In a place where no one is a Sir or madam but the first name and a designation. Where you have to be more polite and civil.. well for past 2 months I have used any abuse.. I think I am very polite now..
          I know i might be over confident but i know very well.. that i am the best there is when it comes to computers.. i can grasp ideas very quickly..i am sure no one can deny that i was the quickest when it came to do stuff.. (draw graphs)..  and i am in love with getting to learn from this small box.. even though i made it look like i dint knw anything about comp during the first few weeks.. now even the geek of the class comes to ask me doubts.. things are changing very quickly.. it just seems like yesterday when i opened my mail and noticed i was coming here.. and already 2 months have gone by..
            Being alone has taught me loads of things.. one thing that has a big impact is time management..In my room I have just 1 electrical output.. and totally 2 phone ,1 laptop, 1 room freshner.. to handle.. this might not seem a great task.. but to intricately assign time for each one of them , my time table of having waking up.. and getting ready for work.. assigning every minute without pushing to the boundary of other work..  has been a nice task to maintain.. and this is just the beginning..  even though I cant manage the time I spend on studying.. the finer things in life do matter. 
             After a deep thought I have also come to the conclusion to slow down with writing Saloni’s story.. she has been of great help for past 3 weeks.. she kept me awake and active during the boring.. sleepy hours at work.. I know deepu and my sister were anxious to see them appear in it.. a new character were gonna come up.. his chapter was already made …  but a ficition cant always stay… so its gonna be a mixture of serious business and the story from now on..  a daunting task for a person who rarely gets serious..


  1. good to hear slowly but finally u are appreciating value of time..and becoming organized...