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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
I reached the mall around the same time , I first walked through the parking lot to see if I could find her car.15 minutes had past going through all the floors of the parking lot I thought she did not come , at the very top floor I saw a green coupe, my heart skip a beat.. could it be hers.. I went closer , it was a green beat, my suspicion went away when I read her name in a big font on the back windshield mirror.

            My heart was racing ,now all I had to do was find her in the mall, almost like a needle in a haystack. I started from the top floor, every now and then trying to peek into the stores to see her.The search for her was as unbearable as the week long wait for Friday to arrive,work hours were miserable,concentration hitting an all time low,I was just glad on the fact that remotely important happened at work during the whole week.What makes the search worse is I dint know where saloni would be, a dress colour would help,I was searching for a girl in a mall just like an old lady would walk around slowly in a ‘mela’ with a black and white photo of her lost son.. but  all that I had was a image in my head of an Indian girl.
            Finally at the same café-this café was a popular joint in this part of the city.It started as a tea joint which grew into a massive hangout place for the old and young.Standing at the second floor I could only notice her sitting in the corner of the café, with a cup of cappuccino on her table still untouched. In my excitement of seeing her , I rushed to the stairs instead of the escalator, my mad rush was brought to a halt with a big family standing at the end of the stairs. I remember saying to myself,’Rk chill,don’t be in such a hurry.’
     Slowly I walked upto her, stood besides her and I said, “excuse me ma’am! Would you like anything else”. She did not reply. I asked her again,”is there anything I can get for you.” Flustered she threw her car keys on the ground , and said,”no I don’t want anything,please leave me alo…..” she looked up to see me and ended her sentence abruptly. The smile on my face vanished immediately, few drops of tears rolled down her pink cheeks. Her blue eyes and her blue dress, made the tear stand out very evidently like an unwanted piece in the puzzle. I pulled up a chair next to her, she lifted her keys and simultaneously wiped her tears. But her pain might be too much to bear that her eyes dint want to stop crying. Slowly I asked her,”any problem,can I help” , she just nodded her head. For the next ten minutes I saw her trying to control her tears,but in vain.Every now and then picking a fresh tissue and wiping her tears.I happened to touch the cappuccino cup but it had lost all its warmth concluding that she might be crying since a very long time. I really disliked girls crying, I did not know how to handle this scenario. I tried asking her once again,”I think by now everyone around is convinced I made you cry”, for a instant a smile appeared in her face, which was followed with ,”noohhh!” and then she threw the last freshly used tissue on the table.
            I couldn’t bear it anymore, she wont tell me,so be it but she aint crying anymore. I asked her to come along.After denying few times, she agreed,she slowly walked behind me ,trying to fix her dupatta from touching the floor, then she asked me,”where are we going.” I kept walking towards the escalator without answering her question. We stepped on the escalator which was going up, after few steps I turned around and pretended to moon walk my way up,she was shocked, she tried to hold my waving hands which moved left and right like a hawaiian hula dancer,we reached the top, I told her to follow me. I took the escalator going back down to the previous floor but this time I was an egyptian dancer- my head turning left and right, my arms at right angles pointing outwards. After making a fool of myself I was sure about one thing the crowd seemed to enjoy the show,and her tears were now turned to laughter which she couldn’t control, I was about to take the escalator going up again but she quickly held my hand and said,” no more, I wont cry.. promise.” She smiled and I smiled back.She smiled as her tears were gone, I smiled as I was glad she stopped me before I ran out of dance moves.
            We came out of the mall, walked slowly on the footpath that ran close to a highway, the bright streetlights made the highway picturesque. After walking silently now on a street full of sodium lights, for more than a mile a tonga-wala passed by us, He broke our silence which prevailed for so long ,she said,”tonga-wala’s really make money in this place.anyways why don’t you tell me your name now” Seeing her speak,I smiled and said”its rk, ahh rohit.. ”
            For the next three hours walking on the highway, we bought every junk food we saw and tried to finishing it before reaching the next stall.We spoke, chuckled and smiled,every now and then our eyes met, the tiny mirrors on her blue salwar sparkled and the sparkle of her blue eyes got more vivid, I could notice her eyes still held on to the pain,not wanting to spoil her mood I did not ask her of her pain.The dark blue clouds clearly indicated a sign of we headed back to the mall.
            How the hours were spent, did not seem to matter, all we knew was now we knew more about each other.An interior designer by profession,who is loved by everyone in her family, her aunt and 7yr old niece living with them in the most beautifully designed house made,and the only 100 % vegetarian in her family ,who loves to dress up like a true indian,doesn’t own a cell phone as her thinking was if people wanted to get in contact they would find ways. The last few steps till her car were the slowest, I noticed it when a 3 yr old kid raced us to her mother. She pulled her purse took out a piece of paper and gave it to me and said,” here the green eye girl’s phone number.. !! do call her.” She got into her car,rolled down her windows said,”aur suno…thanks!” and drove away.

            In one hand i held a piece of paper, my other hand, seemed heavy and red. I realized we dint let go of our hands since she caught it at the end of the escalator performance.
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  1. fistly, i dont know why, i broke out laughing as soon as i heard tujhse naraz nahi zindagi(unexpected from you).

  2. ok the song was a little weird choice but the story part was usual i'll be the oly person voting for waiting for the next part and wen is other characters coming into picture....bring them in make a little funny for the readers to enjoy it

  3. much better it suits the situation.... :)

  4. deep, this time my vote is same as yours. and yes waiting for us to be part of your novel