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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Damn of the Shiny mane..

One….. “ahh its just one..” *brush *brush *brush… two…. Three…. Four…. Five…… oh.. are you crazy…. For real….. ..six.. seven.. eight.. ..oh no more… *brush *brush..9 10..11.12..13…..14..15….  where is the freaking oil when u need it.. .. and after some time I gave up counting the number of gray hair I have…!!

            I am 24.. and I have twice as much gray hair on my head as my age.. and its not a pretty sight.. the only way of not noticing the shiny’s morons is to either have a bright light shining on your head to not notice the difference.. or just avoid combing in the area of maximum concentration..

            Mind you fellow people.. for some reason gray hair is not always equal to old age.. besides the saying “ah! That wise man” is always the polite way of saying..” that old white hair man..”  but why is it that gray hair linked to old age.. it can also mean.. that he has seen his life.. he is experinced.. like wisdom tooth.. you only get them when u get wiser.. (not really)..  so I can say.. that even though I have gray hair it only means I am more wiser??

it has already been some years now that I have been past the age where kids call me uncle.. and I can find numerous instances when this used to happen,

            It was a summer afternoon when my sister was getting her usual dose of shots at my aunts clinic. She wanted to drink some coconut water.. so I took a trek down the busy street to find the much desirable coconut . when I finally found this guy and was waiting till the vendor cuts the coconut and very carefully cleave the outer shell to tie up the pair of coconuts together, a kid around 12 to 14 years old asks the vendor for a coconut, after finishing his drink he pays a 50 buck note for a 10 rs exchange.,the coconut vendor apprantely dint have any change.. so this kid standing in front of me.. looks at me.. sizes me up and goes.. “ Uncle, do you have change ??? “  the word uncle hit me so bad.. that even with lots of change in my wallet I told him.. no kiddo no change..

            Another recent incident occurred a month ago when I was at my dad’s friends place.Apprantely everyone here calls me bhaiya. I call the two older men here bhaiya. Their wives call me bhaiya.. i almost call every man there bhaiya.. and their kids call me the same.. its like bhaiya is a colloquial term for something.. so I am sitting with one of the kids and talking to her about her school.. shes in shes telling me about her language subject and I go by saying I learnt shakespeare at my age.. and from no where she shoots… “bhaiya do you know… hum dono me DUS sal ka difference hai” (hey bro, do you know .. we have an age difference of 10 yrs) … yah the horror.. I am trying to pass my time .. with a girl who is a decade younger than me..

            The generation gap that has been generated has been enormous.. we are living in a digital age.. and every one is smarter.. my sister always says kids are so smarter now.. his (someone) kid was so smart… her (someone again) kid did this today.. so smart na… well my reasoning for that is simple.. the kids are smarter coz we are smarter…. Lets go with another example to explain this…

            I had a friend of mine back in the school days.. all he did was end every sentence with *beeep or *beep.. so I go upto him one day.. and I say,”hey gib.. tell me… imagine.. your get married.. “, he is all smile..  “to a beautiful woman.. you keep her happy.. you are happy” .. we can see the big smile all over his big face.. “ soon your family of two becomes family of three..”  a sense of proud comes over him.. he lifts his collar without even knowing wats coming ahead… I continue , “ so finally your wife and you are taking care of you loved one.. , the day finally comes when hes going to say his first word.. so tell me gib.. what will his first words be ??? “ .. he looks at me.. turns his head and looks at my other friend and says.. “may be dada or mama “ … and I go… “wrong … he wont say that” surprised he says.. “my kid obvious he will say that..” and I finish the story up by saying.. “no if he is your kid , and when you tell him.. “oh my baby .. say dada…. Say mama(his wife)… say dada … “  the kid says, “duck u ..“ .. so my dear frnd.. mind the language” obviously his reaction after this tale was enjoyable to watch..
            My point being.. I love computers.. so my kid might also be fond of it.. so my kid will also be smarter..  hence my point.. kids smarter.. coz we are smarter..

            Needless to say… I am young at heart.. I still crack the corniest of jokes.. but I cant run even I mile.. i can hear my bones go squeak…  at this point I remember my lecturer.. Mahesh sir.. (had to get you in.. control nahi hota ) he loves football..  in a very important department vs department match.. he decided not be in the team.. he was in the sideline.. watching quitely.. but before the match went past its tenth minute.. sir was screaming his heart out..he called out the players name.. screamed instructions.. he stomped his feet in rage.. he ws seen even yelling at the refree.. the case went so bad.. that our department had an extra man on the field…  ( the accuracy of this incident might not be right.. but I love to tell it this way) .. later I came to know that sir dint want to coz he is not as young as he used to.. but he truly is young at heart… who cares if you are not young.. you get wiser with age.. look at hugh hefner.. oops wrong example..   

anyways.. gray hair.. or no gray hair.. it just live life the way you want it to be.. not how your shiny mane makes you feel.. coz in the end what matters is.. Enjoying the moment…

I know for some reason.. that 1 person is going to really enjoy this post.. 


  1. one person apart from me?!! :D

  2. you forgot the incident when we were watching tv, and star plus just popped saying star parivaar awards aapke abhi aur apke 10 saal purane serial parivaar ke saath. and we were like......

    you can always give an excuse for your Gray hair saying, its in our family, we start early.