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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I wish ...

I like this, I love that..
A little bit more of this, and a little bit more of that..,
Even though my hands are full,
I still want that..
                            - R.K

As Part of the Special Occasion Articles..
  I Wish i Get this...
                                       -   Anjuli

            I have always hated economics all through my PUC and unfortunately had to cope with it even during my graduation. I still remember the first class of economics in my first semester. I am sure most of you will be aware of MR. Gopalan sir, who would have taught INDIAN CONSTITUTION to the engineering students. Yes, the famous sir, always used the BL…..Y word as though it was his casual word like we use  DA or  YAAR. Back to my class, sitting in the first bench, staring at him and trying to hide my face as much as possible, in which I did not succeed( first bench, how intelligent of me). He begins his law of marginal utility and asks to draw a graph. Graph, a cold shiver ran through my spine and I started digging my book but faith had other plans. I was picked and asked to draw the graph on the board. The boys of my class were enjoying this moment, they were sure I was going to get kicked. I drew 1st part of my graph and said Sir…., he turned back and said ok, now the second part. I was like, what’s the second part in this graph. Did not have the guts to question him, and no one dared to help me and I was sure the boys will have a treat. And then took a chance and had a look at the table which had 2 columns with different values. One of course, I had drawn, and second I thought of drawing it. Finished drawing, was shivering and said sir, I finished. He marches towards me and says Bloody hell, this is what I expected. Beautiful, fantastic, comes straight to me, shook hands and asked my name. I replied “Anjuli sir”. This of course became Anju by the end of the semester. I went back home and bought economic books, as I knew tomorrow again is my chance. And yes I ended up getting great marks in economics.

         Any way this is just a reference to what I have to say. A law of economics states that every want or desire requires a mean to have its end that leads to satisfaction. But, I think that incomplete, because I have often met people or seen many wishing for something and always offering a bribe to either, parent, friends. And once they have got that, they have a new want or a desire which is always bigger and larger than their previous want. A person riding a cycle or bike, wants a car and once he owns a car, he wants a BMW, Volkswagen and the like. It’s just not about a car, house or a beautiful partner, but something beyond ones satisfaction. A person is hardly content of what one has, many be that’s why they say once you taste blood, you don’t like anything less. May be once I get something what I had wished for, might lead me to something larger.
          My cousin used to say, her wish was to have a formal education so that she feels contented in life, and now that she has done that, she has a new desire. She wishes to be hired in one of the highest paying companies. But I am sure once she achieves that she will have a new wish. May be satisfaction level of a person is something which grows more and more once a desire is met. I might be wrong, there might be few who had only one desire and is content with his/her life. I have really have no clue as to why this happens, its an excuse that we are humans and it’s bound to happen or something else. But yes some desires  have surely messed many lives. There are people who have achieved so much and yet not content, they want more . But for me I rather never get my  desire fulfilled, as I don’t want to have a new want once that is met.

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