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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Impression me Impression you

Food I eat - for me to live,
Water I drink - for me to survive,
Friends I make  - for me to have fun,
Money I make  - for me to Enjoy,
But Impressions i make -  for me to Impress You. 
                                            -   R.K

As part of the Special Occasion Articles..
 My Experience of the First Day in the College
                                                                   -  Deepak D.M

Every one of us can’t forget the first day of the college even though it was not a memorable one we still relish it….. Here is my first day experience in the college….

           So on the first day of the college I start from my place early and got onto crowded bus the journey was really painful as I was standing with one hand and one leg inside the bus and rest of me hanging outside the door….then I got down at the college stop cursing the BMTC   for not providing enough buses… then started walking towards the college gate with a pride that I have got into a good college…..
                    At the gate was a watch man with a smile on his face I thought he’s going to greet me as soon as I enter the gate, but as I approached the gate the smile on his face started fading away, I was stopped by him at the gate and asked where is your id card??? I searched my bag as people passed by displaying they’re id card and staring at me then I removed my red tagged temporary id card and entered……  not sure where the classroom is, I went to the reception to enquire about the classroom, there I meet a guy in formals (blue shirt black pant) my first reaction was that he might be lecturer so instinctively (as we all have been thought in the school that when you see a teacher wish him ) was about to tell good morning sir but even before I could utter...he in his low voice asked may I know where is the 1st years class room…I was taken back for a minute, then realizing even he’s newbie told him to ask the receptionist who apparently busy with attending to a call told us to wait…. So sitting in the waiting room he started the conversation asking which branch you? I told EEE… he with a big smile on his face replied ME TOO SAME TO SAME…. I liked that innocent look on his face only then I asked him may I know your name? He replied and in few minutes we knew each other quiet well considering my shyness to talk to new people (you guys would have known about it by now) then he asked me  where was the restroom I showed him the way and I went to canteen to eat…. I finished my breakfast and it was 10 minutes past 9 so had to run to class there I was standing in front of the shut door knocking the door no response for 2 minutes, then  someone opens the door and there was this female staring at me… I still remember that moment… I thought I’ll just slap her and ask her can I come in? But that was a little too much…. Then she asked me after a brief stare at me where is our id card Mr.? Here madam.. she checks my name on the list and says get in and don’t ever be late again for my class…. Just as I enter thinking why did I come late, I heard someone screaming my name and waving at me… it was the same guy who I had met in the morning. His pitch was so high that it got the lecturers attention I waved to him back and went to occupy the seat next to him…there were two more people sitting next to him to whom I was introduced… the class started it was basic electrical subject….and the topic was about atoms, protons, neutron etc…. the lecturer started asking questions… and the first one was to me…. What is an atom Mr. deepak? I was shocked as I didn’t expect the first question would be to me…. Although I had an answer to, it could not tell it…. I stood without opening my mouth then she told anyone else? There was a hand going up in the air from my bench it was one of the two guys I was introduced to…. And he gave a perfect answer (or so I thought at that moment)….. After that the lecturer stared at me second time within a span of 10 minutes giving a look that said “you’re not fit for engineering“….and looked at him and told good keep it up… then turning back to me staring may be (because I didn’t see her face) asked  did you understand? I didn’t reply to that… a pause…. then she told sit down…and even before she could finish the sentence I sat down…. Now that for some reason made my friend who I met in the morning laugh that didn’t please the lecturer and again she stared at me….but before she could tell me get out the HOD enters the room…..thank god the HOD gave a right entry or else I was screwed on the first day of the college.... I was angry with this guy… but never scolded him…. Don’t know what the reason behind it …was. So the rest of the day went fine for me…..

        So I think by now you people would have who was it that I met on the first day…. Yes pinky oops sorry lokesh  …And the other 2 guys who I was introduced to was pankaj who gave a perfect answer for that question and got all the accolade… and chawla rakesh who I thought was a silent, boring and very innocent ,Had good time sitting with them and laughing on stupid jokes they made in the class..
This was my first day in the college...Now that I think of those days….I was so wrong about all the three people I met first pinky I thought was a dumb guy and thought wont clear the 1st semester in one attempt (no offence pinky) and that pankaj was wow a scientist in making who is doing an internship in “DRDO” and chawla who I thought was a silent, boring and very innocent….

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P.S : Few Words of this Verse were completed with the Aid of Abhishek And Anjuli.


  1. nice deepu....actually this wud have gone really with pinky's formal photo always kept in his pencil box...

  2. @ shake: ya that i didn't notice on the first day....

  3. Imao.........good one!wen i was readin took me bac to ppl i met on de first day!:)