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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Legend of RK : The Sighting

With Great Joy..  As Part of The Special Articles.  

                    Few People Don't Write Coz .. when they Write.. it Makes a Difference.. 
This and if possible and Few more to Follow.. By the Great One.. Venkat.

"AGEING" : The long dreaded phenomenon that has haunted the human mind through the ages.
Up until the industrial revolution, most men did not have to live through the trauma .
“Mine honor is my life; both grow in one; Take honor from me, and my life is done.” - Unknown.

       Since the advent of nuclear weapons , war is not really an option . "Little Boy" ( The bomb that annihilated Hiroshima in '45 ) was testament to that ....  So, Now we have not option but to live long enough.... *sigh*
         There are plenty of people who choose to approach the 'ageing' conundrum in different ways:
First, there is the "philosophical one" , one who talks evolution and how things are inevitable, afterlife etc 
        "Amidst the vicissitudes of the earth's surface, species cannot be immortal, but must perish, one after another, like the individuals which compose them. 
There is no possibility of escaping from this conclusion." -Sir Charles Lyell
Then there is the one who takes it all in good humor and chooses to mock him/herself to alienate themselves from the bitter truth:
          “Don’t talk to me about Valentine’s Day. At my age an affair of the heart is a bypass!” -joan Rivers
And then comes the long-deprived and ever desperate one ... ( someone comes to mind?!! ;) )

“One of the best parts of growing older? You can flirt all you like since you’ve become harmless.” 

No prizes for guessing the central topic of this article....... its Mr."I know i am your evolutionary predecessor, yet i like to think im 24" . Lets go on a journey through time and try to learn more about this fascinating creatu.... ehhh,i mean person:

       Lets rewind the clock to the year 2002 A.D. ( got you there, didnt i? i am sure u were expecting me to start at 64 million B.C :D )
          I was just like any other 13 year old ( high on the " i just became a teenager" emotion . I am sure ALL of you would've been the same way around about at that time ..... oh wait !! * coughs as an indication that he doesnt wish u elaborate further * , never mind!!! )
It was the first day of a new academic year. Had finally reached 9th ( time to get serious academically and all that ).I had taken my cycle to school ( sounds lame at this point of time , but lots of awesome memories related ) and was late as usual.( did not realize  i would become synonymous with the word " punctuality " in the future :D ). On my way to class , there i was expecting all the talks about how difficult this year is goin to be, how we need to stay focussed , heeding the teacher's warnings and so on..On my way to class, I felt like the wind whispered into my ears about something imminent ( but just like Buck, the weasel  from 'ice age 3 ' ,i never spoke wind ). Then i stepped into class and made my way towards the benches at the back (with the usual mvp has arrived reception ) I ackowledged all those i walked by and i suddenly felt that i passed by something.... so i paused, took 3 steps back and turned to my left. Thats when i got my first glimpse of this lean (make that obscenely lean) , figure . I just walked back to my place with a few questions in my head regarding his identity.
Then came the formal introduction and he was introduced as just another guy who was going to be in our class from then.I almost bought that for a second , but i felt something was amiss. SO, i decided to study this creature for a while before i accepted it as part of the herd. I had tentatively named it as "Homo erectus", as i felt both the words in it stood for a significant observation. Homo was for obvious reason , but little did  i realize the irony in the species name,"erectus" ( In the future a young explorer my the name MPR had come across a startling discovery that had questioned the very basis of my nomenclature)...

FFWD back to the current time and i have been studying this creature for 8 years now and have come up with some very interesting observations which keep me hooked onto this very ancient , yet intriguing creature. I could go on an on about its magnificence,
but i guess ill reserve that for another article , " The legend of RK - 2 : Walk Through Time"...

if i had to sum it  up in short : 

 “What we do for ourselves dies with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.” - Albert Pine
 “We all have a fixed lifespan. The key to immortality lies in what you do within that  " - Venkat
“I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.” - R.K

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  1. nice description of this "ancient creature"

  2. i agree deepu, that was nice way to write about the "creature's" introduction, we are living with