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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Search For Happiness

Do i Run around the Dream, 
or Do i run around the Lust, 
The Run i make to find the Truth..
The Run i make To search my Happiness..
the search which ends in me , to begin with.
                                        -   R.K

As Part of the Special Occasion Articles.. 
The Search For Happiness 
                                       - Lipitha

( Sounded something big at some point of my thickest times……but now it doesnt really matter!!!!)
 To begin with…When RK suggested this topic… reaction to him was jus this: Right topic to a right person(laughs)

           Ive wondered at times at my  most distressful situations…..where does real happiness lie within
 But as tym passed on……..i found it to be quite simple  …its easy “ Happiness lie within you”
 It reminded me of a buddie …this gr8 guy once had put up a status related to search of happiness and I have always been curious to    know especially when an unexpected puts up something really unexpected……wen I enquired bout it…. says it wasn’t a good day for him…was more of one confused soul that day..sob..sob…the next day when we had a chat online  …this guy had the answer with him-He said ”Happiness is within us” . It resides in everything and it depends on how one finds it out and that was so true!

            How many times have you heard of this statement ?- “ALL I WANT IS YOU TO BE HAPPY”. I have heard it most often from parents to teens.Its something that few find it through others and the other few find it through their success to life!

           Where do I find my happiness in ……..a new car, a better cell phone ??!…Aint at all..going for this might get a blip of happiness but gradually it fades..
In my small world, I have learnt to find happiness  in even the smallest thing which might not matter in a big way to others .Like in walking in warm rain storms,starry nights,a sweet smile from a kid ,chocolate;these are few of them that makes me happy
It definitely would be different for the person sitting next to me but everyone feels it.

For Instance : Ive a niece by name Rhea.She is just 3 yrs old but talks an amazing English.  Ive always admired her for the lot of crazy things dat she does which is accompanied by shrieks of joy but the best of all whenever she screws the maid for not getting her things done…..she utters this: panchali, get out…..this is my house ! But the maid neva gets annoyed and always smiles at her.Of course there has to be this stage where innocence gives a shelter

Family tym- which is a good one to have. Spending time by talking to ur parents is just boundless,though planning up for a weekend outing aint happening now wit me. There were also times wen I found not talking to em coz I was to bust with other part of my life and sharing to my mom even de most silliest thing gives me more of a relief and happiness in it

           This topic is so broad, Im sure I would be missing other prospective of happiness.It is all depends on personnel choice and level of thinking
To conclude I would say , if u think ur happy then u definitely are and the key to lock depends one what category you fall into and everyone can find his/her own key.

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P.S : Dont mind the verse what i wrote at the top..


  1. Hey dear,Its so true that happiness lies within. But unfortunately sometimes people take time to realize that. May be your post will surely make people think deeper. :-)

  2. ahh..lipitha... becoming soooo deep...thinking a lot these days i guess....i feel happiness is a choice u need to choose to be happy....

  3. @ anjuli didi: yah, may b!:D
    @ abhishek: nah, not thinking a lot that was through experience :)