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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Time will Not Do us Apart.

Sitting in front of the laptop.. squeezing my eye trying to guess which key comes next to which.. cursing the power company for taking away power at this time of the night… who would expect a message from a friend.
            After finishing the last of the pav’s .. (having pav bhaji as dinner aint nice when your appetite is big) I got a message earlier. :
            Earlier we said .. lets meet and then plan..
            Now its lets plan and meet..
            Same Friends.. only the Time has Changed.

Who ever wrote it.. either hated his friends or had a experience with Time.

            Its like only yesterday when I took my flight to kolkata… or just seems like yesterday when I told my friend ICC 20-20 is starting.. he replied “dude that is so far”  well it started… time flew..

Why is it time flew.. and not time ran…time is the continum in which events occur in succession.. Time moves… so it should run… Why it flies.. I have no idea.. Time has been a major subject of religion, philosophy, and science, but defining it in a manner applicable to all fields of study has consistently eluded scholars. I aint a scholar.. or a philospher.. but this message wouldn’t have made such a big difference if he hadnt sent it… and if he wasn’t a topic of conversation some time back..

            One of my friends was also going to join the likes of me and leave bangalore for a short while. So as it became a tradition kinda thing.. one suggested to get together to see-off this friend.. the PLAN was set.. it was made.. to MEET .. notice the upper case words.... as it was planned first.. and then the meet happened… Two of them working.. they had to get home ..  refresh themselves.. clear their heads .. and get into a mindset where they can chill ,relax and talk about issues which just made the time “run”.. the rest were sitting at home..
for some reason . one of them was informed with a last minute problem which he had to attend to.. here comes the problem- (friends are same, time has changed) getting into the work life you kinda start taking heed to knowing things in prior.. so this friend couldn’t inform others of the last minute changes he had to go with… the chaos began.. the PLAN would be scraped.. 

Ah!!! Now there is a candle in my room.. damnit power….

The meet did happen.. with only 4 of them.. and me.. through the wonders of technology..
            Do people end up unpriortizing when we move onto a new phase? Does no contact equals to keeping contact in need to basis or just for the sake of it? Will people change with time…I have noticed.. few really good friends back in the day.. now into high pay slip jobs.. meet.. (accidentally) and are awkward for first few minutes.. the long lost friendship is long lost..
But it did seem like everyone would creep into the latter category.. but on 8th sept..  at 11.33.02 pm .. I get this..
“Macha I took this personality test on fb and they said people envy me….. why macha.. do you know why? Eh??” 

            My reaction.. : I was no more on the bed.. I was on the floor holding my stomach and laughing.. my reply to him.. “ its coz you have fast fingers.. “  it was the light I had been waiting for..  it doesn’t matter if you meet or you don’t.. the connection should still be there… I know .. my connection with this guy is intact.. even though he rarely answers his phone.. this guy being the most reserved in my group can show us something ..
            And that’s why.. there has been this post.. when any of us get there.. there should be something to recall the connection within us.. like people make a pact and bury it..  after years they head back.. find the pact.. in any form.. a piece of paper.. a mark on a tree.. candy under the tree..bhel issues.. or old photos.. if the feeling is not lost.. then the connection still lives..

So.. the next section is for each one of you..  : add something.. keep it real... make it such that in years to come.. this post will remind you how you were now.. ur essence if you have lost in the race to get to the top.. can be regained.. from just something really precious you leave behind here..


  1. times change.. even if we plan and meet its still ok... atleast u are meeting ur frnds and feelings are right..initial awkwardness is always there wen u meet some1 after a long time,but 1 or 2 min into the conversation ur old self comes out...and u are the same frnds hanging out as in dont worry ppl might change it just takes a little shaking to bring them back to their own....

  2. like the most common name in the bible being ' rebecca' or whether being a singer in the church equates 2 being in the choir !!! *stuff of legend*

    nor will i forget achu's infinite wisdom in 'daoism'

  3. some circumstances do force u to not make up to ur friends but, the real value to the friendship is wen u r there wen ur frnd is needing u...and i guess in that sense WE still share a good bond....:)