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Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Verse to few ..

 A not so great man had told me once.. its not about always telling a friend what his weakness is.. it feels right to also tell what he is good at…  taking his advice or whatever u call it.. I felt it is the right time to tell few special people (it’s a big list) about how they have made a difference..
Some of this might be cliché but it matters to me.. coz in some way or other they did change me.. they made me a better person and “once you get up there you should never…. “ (im gonna change this to) “once you get up there , they should always be standing right next to you”

I have made up a verse for most of you.. if there isnt one.. then just hold up.. it will come soon.. and if yr not mentioned here.. then wait again.. If ur the special few.. you will be here too…

First of all:
My mom, I never tell her how much I love her or how much I miss her… or the dal and the sambhar which I enjoy what she cooks everyday..  but I cant see her cry.. I want to see her happy and smiling...

My sister… enough with the big smile on yr face.. take a deep breath..i always say actions speak louder than words.. so take a chill pill.. stop talking so much.. people will love you more than you can imagine..

Mahesh sir : few things I always remember abt being with sir is the time when he yelled at me and jo when entering the AEC lab late.. after that came when we slowly moved out of the lab to having tea in the canteen, then sitting under the tree.. and also the time when we ended up throwing his name plate into the dustbin. 1 thing I have seen sir have- is a lot of love for his son, I remember in the hotel in gokarna all were asleep , sir and I spoke to close to 45 mins.. I still remember. I told him that I don’t like kids.. we had a nice talk about it….  

Wokay this is a tough one, coz I don’t knw how to begin
You have been an inspiration to every1 in the kin,
The tears that you dropped at the see-off will never be forgotten.
-       RK  4/9/2010 12:31 AM

Sharma ji: there have been times when I felt quite temperamentel for this guy… or even enjoyed being with the geek.. mr. know it all..
Like the time.. when he was sitting with me and was abusing the CAD lecturer with all the F- abuses.. tht day was a sight.. and yews sharma ji.. one of these days i will come up with a complete solution for yr comp issues..

Achu :
This guy is a gem, I remember the time when I first spoke to him.. and I knew what he was like…
In the canteen.. venkat, achu, me and another person I don’t remember him…were having a conversation about something..  the 4th person went to take tea/coffee… I told venkat that I don’t ve tea..or coffee..  achu also denied to drink coz  he dint drink too.. achu asked me what do u drink at home..  for some reason both ended up saying bournvita .. ill never forget that afternoon or this guy.. who let me be in his basket ball team when he knew I dint play that well.. your always there buddy..

You are tough from the outside , soft from in,
You feel bad for letting go of anything,
….. ill end this verse when I get something better….

Deepu :
People think deepu as a kid..  well he is.. but I have seen him do mature things that I think no one would believe deepu had that in him. but as simple as this.. ur gonna be close to me.. coz ur house is close to mine… *wink *wink

I know deepu tht ur the best you can be,
You try everyday to break your boundary.
The reason why you still hold back is a mystery,
But I can see ,that your gonna turn out to be a man, 
you never imagined yourself to be.
-       RK  4/9/2010 12:29 AM

Mawali : oh … mawali… people will always misunderstand you coz your too easy to manipulate.. chill relax..  when the time is right . the opportunity will be at yr door step just take it.. and you always call me saviour for some reason or two.. 

You go outside and get ready to play,
Face the sunshine with a smile everyday,
Don’t you worry about not finding the way,
There are always people like me who will hold your hand anyday.
-       RK  4/9/2010 12:27 AM

Radha : the song “bol radha bol” suits you perfectly..  you wont agree but you have changed in some form or the other..  its fine by me.. I rarely find traces of what you were earlier.. but that holds me attached to you even now.. you are great and I appreciate that.. your smile is something I still adore..

Suhani: I am not good in saying thanks or sorry… I hurt you a lot back then I know that very welll.. but you’re the one who always tells me what to do.. when I doubt myself .. for some reason you push me to achieve it.. and I am very grateful that I can still hear yr classic hindi now and then…

Few people who will come up here.. are Gr8 1, Jo, how can I forget pinky.. it will just take some time..

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  1. thanks.. you better do come up with some solution or i will keep calling every month...with something new... :)

  2. i jst rembermd my DAD...was there to see have made me to emotional.....i cannot express...
    the song is to touche............had soft to all the teacher to have such wonderful students....I AM ONE AMONG THEM...........

  3. hey macha thnx da....nice to hear something of this sort frm u....u made us all full emotional....and seriously we are hving tough time now tht ur not here and u know why.....

  4. whoever the "not so great one " , its a great piece of advice and glad that u followed it :)