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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another day.. Another Learning

 I have always heard Image.. or Rep… or the like so many times… but today we discussed soemthign different.. Starts with professional image.. hmm what would that be??  Its all about how we look .. or say.. what we say and how we act.. pretty easy to get hold of… Then we started with learning non verbal clues… yes you arrogant fool.. I see you.. just kiddin… 

            This is where it got exciting… we had to perform a skit..  for 3 minuts.. and prepare it in 15 minuts.. we got how to communicate with confidence.. the other were passive or aggressive.. so as this topic needed to have almost zero humor.. the group where I was turned out to be pretty serious.. where I played a client asking a onshore team to perform a task for me…  it went pretty well.. the next were the group of passives and aggressive which made every humor they could pull off..
            Then came the pain… be diplomatic.. right.. how do you say a sentence which wont be hurt someone else… I cant do that can i…. just to prove me right… we had an exercise..5 questions.. and I got an amazing two right.. in the sense only two were diplomatic..  all happens for good.. so we were taught how to be diplomatic..  magic doesn’t seem magic once you know how it is done.. 
            It was almost break time and we had to do a last task.. all of us were asked to come to the left side of the room.. a pillar is placed right in between to differentiate the sides..  now.. all we had to do was.. one by one jump … “JUMP” literally.. to the other side and with utmost enthusiasm make a promise what change we will make… it started slow.. few screamed.. few made small hops… one raised the bar higher by jumping and screaming loud and crazy… and then make a promise.. the number on the left was reducing.. few people were left… many things rushed through my mind.. what do I want to change.. what can I do.. to remember this promise for a long time…  I did what I felt like… I jumped from a chair.. felt Great.. with all my voice I made a promise.. it still feels great…  
            After the lunch.. we were back... our trainer had something special for us… Rock paper scissors .. team style… we had Rabbit.. Arrow and the Wall… rabbit.. means we raised our hand above our head… wall.. was to hop and extend our legs away.. arrow.. was an arrow using our arms.. split into 6 groups.. knockout … with 3 prelim rounds..  team 1 and team 4 went first… team 1… played Wall every round.. then went thru.. next was team 5 (I’m in it) and team 2.. this was an intense battle.. 1st round they won it.. 2nd round we won it… 3rd.. we won again.. so we were thru… last was 3 vs 6… they were draw in all 3 rounds.. the tie breaker round was played.. it still was a draw.. then came.. the ultimatum.. if no one wins the next tie breaker.. its straight to the final.. 1 vs 5… and that’s wat happened.. it was a draw..  now the final face-off.. 7 rounds of sheer.. Luck or Strategy.. the rounds went so… 1-0 …0-1…0-1… 1-0.. 0-0 …0-0.. the last round.. what do we do… rabbit… wall?? Or arrow… we had anxious moments.. many tried using our fingers to ask the rest to choose.. we dint know .. we just went with it…  trainer.. goes… 1…… all of us showing different actions to trick the opposite team.. 2….. the seconds seemed like minutes…. Go… we hopped into a wall… the opposite team went into an arrow.. we won…. Seemed Awesome.. felt great..
After this we moved into Something different.. business communication…gaining cooperation from others..  it moved on like a breeze…  the day was almost coming to an end.. we had just one thing left.. the types of listeners..  I was put into team one… teams were made on random number calling and then splitting into groups…. We were given “pre-occupied” type of listener..  I was the narrator in this skit.. we had a family.. the father is pre occupied reading newspaper.. son with his music , daughter with chatting and the servant washing clothes.. the mother walks around the room giving instructions to the father – to take care of the house, the son.. to not walk on the wet floor.. the daughter- to take care of the vegetable.. but.. our mother.. forgot her line… she says.. take care of the door.. the daughter hints here.”its vegetables”..and last the servant – to just look out for anything else.. a bunch of crooks come and steal a bike(fire extinguisher) and run away.. the mother comes back.. argues with the servant.. the son was supposed to fall down here.. but he forgot.. our smart mother .. goes to him… the son.. falls in front of her.. time delay you see.. and then says why dint you hear when I told you earlier.. and then rest fell almost is place.. the skit went quite well after that.. 
Then the other types of listeners went on.. some were hilarious..  a friend of mine was in a listener type called analysers.. these type of listeners.. analyse everything and want to give solutions even before hearing everything out.. the argument was between my friend and another girl..  they were arguing about happening to see a girl say name x .. at a movie.. with some guy…  (we usually tease this friend with this girl x) .. so I just kinda commented.. “aich.... x and all.. “.. but his next dialogue was.. “par who tho rohit ki hai na” *sob…*sob…  was nice fun in the end.. and it was a nice way of learning all types of listeners..
Once this got over… we had a tea break.. which ended quite briskly.. the sessions went on for some time..the groups were now made based on months.. so totally 4.. every team were given half a word.. the other half was with some other team.. so.. the chaos began.. like inhuman were went trading.. another fun episode..
Then the trainer asked for two volunteers from each group.. I and another friend.. same guy from above.. went in the front.. the trainer demonstrated something on the wall and asked one healthier person to step back from each pair… * cough *cough… apparently. Both of us here.. were same.. so .. we kinda decided I step back.. the idea was you can move your 1 leg.. front and back.. but when you try to do the same thing when one side of your body is held firm on a flat wall.. it doesn’t happen.. so the other person helps this guy.. provides support to aid him in moving his leg.. again nice activity to demonstrate a simple thing… 
            The basic ideas are always simple.. but they are taught with something so practical.. why would anyone forget it… another impressive day for me..  and im happy learning…

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