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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Click click… opening the door to my room..  getting back had me in mixed emotions, away from home to work, and closer to saloni away from home. The Mission conquer drunk man was gonna start, and I had no idea what to do about it. I thought of  speaking  to Saloni about it… I walked towards the other side of the room, kept my bag and fell on the bed.. after this everything else seemed unimportant, I fell asleep.

                Day  1:
                I took the computers parts and reached saloni’s house, I rang the bell. “oh.. you have come finally,  better repair the computer properly today” …  he turned around and screamed “ sangeetha .. the repair guy is here..” .. I stood at the door stumped thinking from where did I look like a computer repair guy, or may be he dint recognize me.. I had to forcefully smile and walk to rishab’s room..  without a proper “repair kit” I tried to open the cabinet..  Salonis dad came into the room, he was staring at me , I was trying to figure out what I could use from the room to open up the screws. Finally his patience gave up, he yelled,” what kind of repair guy are you.. where is your kit.. give me your managers number.. this Is so irresponsible.. “ the loud screams made salonis mom rush into the crime scene.. she looked at me shocked she said,” arre ji.. this is rohit.. saloni’s friend why are you yelling at him..” .. he bit his tongue in the end of the latter statement.. he walked away with his head down.. I asked her mom for a screw driver..   with the necessary accessories in my hand I quickly fixed rishab’s computer.. and started heading out of the room.. I asked her mom where saloni was.. Saloni had to go for shopping at the right time.. so much for good impression in front of Mr.drunk man who thinks im a repairman. The instant I came into the main hall.. I noticed her dad quickly jump towards the newspaper and “pretend “ to read it.. I dint bother saying anything.. I bid farewell to saloni’s mother and left ..

                Day 2:
I was having my second round of chicken biryani at Saloni’s house.. my mind could still not get around the thought that she cooks non-veg for me, I would always attempt to ask her why?how? but would always fail. She sat in front of me, and I am hogging on the juicy piece of chicken and she just smiles like a small kid..
                Once I Finished the meal, I got up and walked towards the main hall, her father Mr Abhay agarwal was fixing a drink for himself. He saw me with the corner of his eye and picked up another glass and made another drink. He carried two glasses fill with some form of liquor and walked towards me and said,”hey .. son after a heavy lunch.. a heavy drink..”  Surprised by his behavior.. i replied,”oh no uncle I don’t drink” Saloni took the other glass and said,” don’t spoil him papa” and she walked away into the kitchen. He then said,” ah.. rohit.. I …. You know… its like… , I dint… you know… “ the nods betweens every syllable seemed out of place, but I dint say anything. He then started to explain how he worked hard to make his daughter to stand on her feet, and now he is out of work and has to live on her money. Saloni heard the latter part and turned furious, she screamed.. picked up a pillow and threw it on the floor. I got up and went to her blocking her sight from her father, she side stepped left and right to look at her father.. but I moved left and right simultaneously, She tried few more times. Our slow left and right side stepping gave me a random idea and I picked up both her hands.. and hummed a tune and made her dance infront of her dad..  she dint understand what was happening for the first couple of steps.. then she chuckled and danced along.. I swung her to one side.. she ended the dance in a pose..  she came to her senses when she saw her dad..   she walked away.. I dint think of staying here .. so I left too..
                Day 3:
I was on my way to Saloni’s house. Beep…
“yes ?” ,
” oye bewakuf , what are you doing”
“oh Sharma ji, tell me.. you seem excited”
“ yah… wanna know the good news?”
“ahh ohk”
“hello… hi rk”    a very soft voice came from the other side .. it took me a few minutes to analyze the situation…
“oh hello,how are you”
“fine thhaaa……. You”  the words faded away slowly…. And I abruptly heard,”tho how you managing the father”  
“ ah im trying.. no luck”
“ I knew it… I am messaging you a schools address.. try to get him into it..”
Our conversation ended quickly with both of them giggling about something.. I  reached salonis house..
Saloni was preparing jelabi’s for me… ah the joy of eating in her house…… her dad was  reading the newspaper as usual.. i waited for saloni to get hot jelabi’s for me..  the common plate with the hot jelabi was kept in between me and her dad.. saloni gave me a wicked smile and she walked away.. I extended my hand to pick a jelabi.. but with my luck I instead caught her dad’s finger.. the awkward silence followed until saloni came back with another plate of jelabi’s.. immediately I said,”hey sal I know a school wanna go meet some kids” she got all excited and ran to pick her car keys.. I then said,” ahh uncle how about you come along ” Saloni looked at me with her eyes as big as she could make them.. I just gave her a sheepish smile and took her dad along.
                We reached the school.. this school had abhishek written all over it.. if anyone knew him and saw this school we could easily say its his handiwork.. the school was made of mud , it had hand made wall paintings on its exterior wall. The school had a large play ground with hand made dustbins and trees in every corner.. the children  looked happy.. I took saloni along to explore the school, leaving her dad alone.. we went to the far end of the ground.. where a small stream crossed the sunflower fields..  from the distance I could make out her father interact with a few children..   I asked saloni to leave.. we walked back and asked her dad to leave with us.. I could see on his face that he dint not like the idea of leaving.. but he did not have any other means to commute.. we headed back..  I got down from the car when I was close to my room..  I smiled all the way back to my room.. thinking I might have made a difference..

dont mind this one is late.. had things to do... enjoy.. the next one coming up very soon.. 

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