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Friday, October 29, 2010

Damsel in the Bus

I always laughed at pinky for his forte,
To like someone on the way..

Today I was on the way,
 in the middle of the bus I found a seat to play;

Fiddling around to pass my time,
 thinking of fools all around.
Fresh plans for today,
old plans of some other day

Slowly the bus came to borewell,
I yelled what the hell,
A pretty damsel got in who looked swell..
The shirt she wore had a hue,
Of a tulip or a violet or two,

Excuse me she said to a passenger and got a seat,
She was sitting facing me but with some feet away,
She bite her lip, showing a little sign of pain
She slowly licked her lip,to ease the pain
And a fresh wet red lip followed latter..
To make every eyes follow her after..

The corner of my eyes tried to size her up,
Who knew my morning luck,
That this pretty damsel rode this bus.

Every stop came I anticipated the worse,
For a brief moment I thought she might get down the bus,
But her smile just made me lose all curse,
That I ended up forgetting the ending verse.

An empty seat came about,
Which made her turn around,
Now all I could see was her pretty hair,
To be crushed by her clip or pair..
The bus came to a halt ,
So She walked out,

Now I knew where she worked,
For this voyage will never end,
 I hope to see her again on a new day,
Coz next day is Tuesday.

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  1. Was kolkatta your inspiration for good write ups, now you lost your magic