Finally Its here..a Gap of 1 yr was a bit too much

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Final CountDown

heres a thought. (for some reason this post is not structured properly , im jumping from one to another coz it’s a brainstorm in my brain)
i gave loads of money as fees for engg.... and all i did was sleep.. play sudoku.. or eat orange candy under the tree... Now im getting paid.. to do what exactly.. to study (to get trained)... yeah... now why will i study???

Now let me get you a little involved.. 
It starts with fundamentals.. C and data structures.. nothing much… this exam is in 2 halves..
MCQ … and programming… marks will be considered as 60 and 40… the overall of this should be 70% to qualify.
After this I will have my technical training .. sql, oracle,java.. need to get 70% to qualify.
Then comes real life project.. dunno marks in this…
Now what I get is this… only 30 % from fundamentals + 50 % technical + 20 % project will be needed and it should be more than 70% again…   too many numbers to count aint it…well this is what I am gonna deal with…
My partner that is given to me… might be smart.. might be good… but for some reason …saying “comments are needed for prog to work” doesn’t qualify as anything of the former..

Now this is something which I cant explain why…but in a way I am happy that I did my (.net)course in bangalore.. even though it took almost a year to complete.. and I finished it on the very previous day of my departure.. I did finish it.. and I really wanted a course in this company which dint make me learn the same thing again… and guess what im dint.. im learning java(just enough).. and oracle (in detail).. I think this is a good thing coz knowing things before hand is way better than learning when your needed to know.. so with this I have covered various aspects of languages..

a common question most of my buddies at home asked me.. how many friends did you make.. well I did make some.. on the very 1st day.. which obviously they dint belive me.. coz … duh!! I am not like that…  well.. for them… I did make some… and some = 7…
Most of them are different.. but 1 reminds me of pinky..  coz he loves to laugh for just abt anything… I have no idea why…
 Most of them really they don’t mind me being a carnivore.. so im cool with it… now.. we also get some break time.. where you can go have tea or coffee.. my dear frnds  make it a point to drink all the free beverage they can to “ paise chuka ne ke liye” (dint knw how to put tht in english..)  so when ever we get a chance.. we drink…
But after my last 3 days of training I have come out of my shell.. I have ended up making a good number of friends.. and I am happy about it…

Third last day here.. and my friends really wanted to go to 2 temples.. Dakshineswari.. and Belur math… the Kali temple went smooth.. from here. .. we had to take a boat / ferry to cross the river to reach the belur math.. it’s a easier and cheaper option than to go around the city..  my friend and I sat right in the back of the boat.. almost at the tip of it.. the boat went backwards.. and it turned around and moved ahead.. and now we were at the front..  the first 3 people at the tip of the boat was a jolly experience.. after 10 mins of photo clicking and screaming.. we had another 15 min of boat ride left.. we could easily spot out destination… but nature had other plans.. it starts raining.. in this city where the sun sets by 5.15pm sharp.. the rain couldn’t come at a better time.. it was hard.. the lighting was bright and seemed so close we crossed the river... the boat aid gave us a plastic sheet to cover us.. the sheet sadly dint reach the first guy.. this friend of mine.. tried pushing us back to get more space .. great fun to see a helpless guy getting wet.. while we tried stuffing each other inside a plastic cover.. singing rain songs..

Second last day… I remember shake telling me to make it a point to meet him… I still had Sarees to buy.. and dint know what could I do at this festival time… I called Rajdeep…I realized. you see a person in a different light.. and this side really makes a difference…
He came the stop where I was.. picked me up.. and we joined the rest of my friends.. with genuine concern.. he knew its festival time.. he knew shops are closed.. he also knew there is gonna be massive traffic on both roads and side walk… he tried to make my friends as comfortable as possible.. you don’t get to see that.. for every fault… (dint seem like a fault) he apologized.. seemed strange.. he wanted to show the Love Kolkata people have.. he showed it perfectly.. some people might mock or make fun of it.. its just coz of their in ability to comprehend this aspect..  in a massive crowd.. we walked.. it rained.. and it stopped.. but still we thoroughly enjoyed walking into the pandal.. I surely wished I had met him sooner.. to get the Kolkata night life at its galore.. if we had more time I would have definitely gone to more pujas..
The last bit what he did was even better.. he got rosgollas.. and gave us.. as it’s a Tradition to give sweets.. I laughed then.. but now.. I respect that..

Now I am surrounded with loads of clothes and bags to pack … and I have no idea how to do it properly.. Kolkata has been a different and a great experience.. its time to head home and enjoy…

My trolley was definitely over weight.. it would cross the 20kg margin easy..  and i thought of distributing the weight across cabin bags and over sized baggage.. so approx 40 kilos in 3 bags..SpiceJet aint such a big name still.. so it took me some asking around to find actually which counter to go to …finally I went upto the counter and gave them the 2 over sized bags..  34kilos.. “that will be 1400 extra” “hmm sure… “ I was ready to pay the cash… suddenly the Baggage Aid/Attender.. asked me which pay.. carry the smaller bags into the cabin.. I asked him what happens to the 10 kilo restriction for cabin bags.. he says its fine.. I was fine… so for the big bag how much do I pay… 26.. so 600… now I was taking out 600 and paying in on the counter.. that he replies,”its fine.. I adjusted it..” my reaction… it was simply..”what really.. Thanks… “ while walking back the aid said,” we try as much not to take peoples cash…” I was happy he was happy..
Another one.. that happened was.. I met one of my colleagues/friends .. it was like.. from far we smiled at each other… then she came close.. and I knew who she was.. she was on the same flight to Bangalore.. the last 3 days(of training) worked after all.. I remember names.. feels nice..
SpiceJet.. hmmm .. I remember my friend saying.. “ if there is a nice hostess.. tell her hi from my side” apparently this one.. has a good number of them…  the food.. even though I had to buy it.. the Veg biryani tasted great…  in the end.. while we move out.. the hostess say,”thank you visit again..” I replied…,” no…. Thank you..”

In the End my days in Kolkata.. were great..went smooth and I learnt loads.. and in the end that’s what matters…
I reached home… sitting in a friends car.. driving upto my house entrance.. my mom and sister asked to wait outside for some unknown reason… they see me coming out of the car.. and the first thing they do is.. cry… the place was filled.. with warmth .. anyone could feel it… its great being back home… its great eating sambhar again…

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  1. u went visitin temples with rajdeep!!!! * period *

  2. air thank u.. well said..I wonder wt wud hve been her reaction..?! xD

  3. told u abt spicejet...u wudnt beleive me back then..