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Friday, October 8, 2010

Flexible Learning

The last day of training.. but not the last day of learning.. I planned to reach early today.. but it just dint happen… it rained all night… it rained all morning.. I reached 5 minutes before 9… if late then like the previous day we might have to do jungle dance.. but that dint happen… it rained.. so an extra time was given..
            Again split into groups we started with customer service.. who some service has a good effect and few have bad once.. funny thing was most of the bad services were with mobile connection providers.. every other bad experience discussed by anyone happened to be one of the operators.. the good once were varying..  the day went on little slow… we were given some additional time to complete the vision charts ..  
            Then three volunteers were asked to come forward and given name tags.. a rookie, pm,gm.. and the idea was for the pm to introduce the other two.. it turned out to be a hilarious episode.. the trainer told us that this was the way it shouldn’t be done..  we then moved on too expanding our comfort zone.. which really stirred things up.. then came the profound business meal.. in a way I knew most of the right way of having a right business meal.. so after this.. I was totally polished..
            Till today we were told this : an egg can be broken in two ways… 1 from an external force.. and another from an internal force.. an external force kills the life inside it… if it is an internal force it results in a new life.. 
            This can be understood in many ways..  be it learning.. or expanding your comfort zone.. or flexibility.. so we were split into four groups.. each group was taken into a different room.. we were waiting for a trainer in the room.. to come and give us some instructions.. the trainer comes.. and asks us who is Tarzan and Jane.. The boys were taught a series of dialogues about being the king of the jungle.. and I make a phone call to jane and with a small voice say “im coming” .. the girls were given a series steps that included cat walking and then yelling at tarzan over the phone.. was a fun exercise.. I kinda lost half my voice here.. we went back to our training room.. and then we were asked if each one of us could do the other genders part.. hmmm..sure we can try… we were given additional 5 minuts to work things out.. we split our group of 10 into 3,4,3.. I was in the 3.. with another guy and a girl.. so .. each girl taught the boy janes part.. and boys taught the girl tarzans part.. we were asked to perform this in front of the batch.. the person from each group who had made a breakthrough since the last 2 months would be picked as a winner.. all were winners.. but the one with the break through was given recognition.. it was a lesson learnt.. Flexibility is needed almost everywhere..with risks involved..
            We were back to our groups and here we went on with talking about visions at the end of 1.5 or 2 yrs.. I ended up taking everyone’s mail id.. to contact them later.. asking how much progress did they make in their vision.. Surprisingly I remembered so many names.. none the less I made more friends.. another break through?? Possibly.. I knew changes which I could make out… but changes I dint realize did also happen.. everything happens for a reason?? The feeling was great.. I know.. coz since last 3 days I was happier.. I smile more.. and I think its already making a difference…
            The training ended.. the lights were switched off while a music played in the background.. we were asked to see out visions.. all were serious after this.. the feeling of our visions had sinked in… the final speeches were given.. who ever felt like expressed his or her change.. the trainers seemed happy.. we were happy.. the group photos were taken.. a serious one.. then the with zero seriousness..
Someone might ask.. why am I sharing this.. its either too important… or really not required for others to know it… well .. its like this.. anything once put on the internet.. it always leaves a mark.. after any amount of time.. if I want to remember what had happened.. what pledge I made.. what I felt.. to come back to this day.. this is a sure shot way of keeping the feeling alive…

I asked the group to move to the cafeteria to eat something.. a DJ party was going on.. all of us left our bags and went in… it was different.. dancing for hindi songs felt different.. but the feeling was great.. the day couldn’t end any better.. we were closer than ever.. and we were ready to face the day next day.

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  1. nice dude.....
    while reading this i could make out that the guy who was writing this was not the rohit i knew so u have changed for good or shld i say the new place and new environment has brought abt a positive change in u....