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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I am not Just a Observer..

Raise your hand if you think exercising everyday is good for health.. Now Raise your hand if you exercise everday…  I am sure that your hand might have gone down in the latter question..  This is something I learnt today.. We are Aware that exercising helps.. we are trying to Align ourselves with this.. but we are not Alive with it.. in sense we do not live it.. the 3 A’s .. don’t forget it..

Every Company follows few ideas or beliefs or culture.. for some reason my companies culture made sense…

            Just yesterday I was speaking to the gr8 one.. how he said.. the DLL files now make sense to him.. we knew it was important.. but now he knows how it actually makes sense… in other terms.. we know we need water to make tea… if we try to make tea without water.. there wont be any solvent for the tea leaves to dissolve it..  so it makes perfect sense… to add water before milk…

So .. im gonna share what I learnt today.. coz It makes a difference..

            The gr8 one again has a very very good/bad habit that he has to win .. even if he is playing with a 12 yr old.. he will always make sure he wins.. it makes sense he doesn’t wanna lose..  he Has the Intensity to win..  To depict this all of us in the batch were given 1 balloon each.. with a time limit of 1 minute.. smart as I was I knew what he was getting at.. so even before he finished explaning the rules I started flexing the balloon to help me blow it up faster… and it was on… I quickly started blowing the balloon.. few of my friends failed miserably.. coz for one this was the first time she got hold of a balloon.. the other one dint try.. few others blew up their balloons.. so in the end of it.. about 30 succedded in getting full blown balloons out of 51.. the trainer then said.. who ever thinks their balloons are best step forward.. the guy with the biggest balloon rushed forward.. few others followed.. I thought for a second and moved ahead.. after 15 in the front .. the trainer goes to the rest and asks them isn’t your ballon the best?  Coz he said “ people who think their balloon is the best move forward”  and not big or small or large or the like.. so now few more came ahead.. about 20 now.. the next question from the trainer was ,” why did these 20 have balloons and rest don’t”  answer : we had the intensity to win.. we wanted to win… hence balloons…   the trainer next started distributing tooth picks to each one of us…  a friend next to me asked “why will this be” , I replied,” to prick others” xD  … so the trainer says.. “ I want you to save your balloons, time limit is 30 secs” and once he ended the sentence I pricked the girls balloon who was standing next to me.. I turned left and tried attacking another’s balloon.. holding the balloon in my left hand .. I dint notice I was busy hunting down a taller guys balloon that the same friend pricked mine :( .. well continue… the same was happening all around the room.. except 3 boys who dint prick any.. instead were running around to save theirs..then 30 sec’s we up … the trainer said,” I asked you to save your balloon why prick others ??”  well that’s how it works doesn’t it ?? then the truth arrived.. “ when u thrive to win.. don’t push someone else down..” you need to mellow the feeling down… and to do this we had act with sensitivity..
          A friend of mine here.. an engineer.. told something which nicely described this part.. it’s the sense of acting with the mind and the heart.. the trainer asked how much of mind and heart.. an engineers answer ,” the right Proportion of mind and heart”  proportions??  For a given situation how much of heart or mind? Her final answer “ a bit more of heart” -a true engineer…   I remember years ago, my cousin and I were in a fix where his cell phone was stolen in an outrageously executed robbery.. we were asked what really happened.. we never said it.. after a few days.. I dint have the will to go on without saying it.. my heart gave in and I told everything.. it was late.. but did it make a difference i’ll never know it.. so.. sometimes better to listen to your heart?  The trainer asked who have been in love relationships? I raised my hand.. a few others too.. then others realized.. that they are also in love with their parents so few more hands came up.. then he said again.. when you are in peak of your love.. do you bother about results, subjects, studies, tv shows..   well answer was we don’t.. coz the heart actually dominates..
         The final was.. unyielding integrity.. its doing something when no one sees you…
Assume at 2 am in the morning you are at a cross road.. with the signal showing red ... will you wait or drive ahead?  Most of us will drive ahead.. we wont admit it.. but we will still cross.. this unyielding integrity matters when no one is seeing you.. makes good sense after this example.. heres another.. we have 2 movies.. Mr.India and Hollow man.. both have the same idea.. invisible man.. so if you were invisible what would you do.. Kind or unkind ? respectful or unrespectful ?  do harm or do good?

           All this might not make sense or wont really matter.. who bothers about ideals anyways..but sometimes.. it makes a difference.. once we make any of this a habit.. it becomes second nature.. it moulds us.. like example.. give me any shooting game I will excel at it.. give gr8 one any Strategy game.. he will excel at it.. coz its 2nd nature in us.. we have done it so many times… or even better.. look at our moms making chapattis.. I am sure she can make them even in her sleep… coz its done so many times …    so think about it.. everyone lives by some ideals.. that makes some difference in some small way.. the same will be passed on to your next generation.. so take the right steps.. get Alive .. Align yourself and not just be Aware.. 


  1. shudnt the sentence " give me any shooting game i will excel at it" have been in the past tense?!?
    anyways... n1!!

  2. good u are thinking beyond the usual..and for a change some1 is actually appreciating the training..hope u remember it always...ideals are wat define us...