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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I can learn something new too..

I am amazed that I can learn so much from a very different.. non monotonous course… its day 1 of this special training.. and as my friend shake put it “you seem very excited”

The day started with us trying to introduce ourselves .. with the usual add an adjective in front of your name.. but with a twist.. all of us were given charts to write/draw/sketch what we expect to learn out of the next 3 days…  How can u expect something from just a mere name of the Course..  having absolutely no idea about what it deals with…  well.. we can… we did…   we spent the next 1 hour to finish the introductions.. the adjectives helped.. few names were remembered all through out the day… coz we affix or start associate the names with that adjective…  like when I say pinky.. even if you don’t know him.. you might guess that either he is pink.. or he wears pink..  so a Rajni’s die hard fan was remembered know Boss (from now).. If anyone knows me.. they might know.. there is one thing I am bad at.. is to remember names or remember people.. the idea what they taught was pretty simple.. associate it with how they look or rhyme or something funny.. or just exaggerate his name… well it works..
We were then asked to call out our names..  “ my name is….. “ very simple.. just hearing it from different people we learnt a lot… few were very low.. few very confident and clear.. few had to do the bond.. james bond …  but it made a difference..
            We were split in 2 groups 1 and 2.. while group 2 waited outside, we group 1 was given instructions to ask as many questions as we want… group 2 was instructed to tell us a boring topic.. it seemed great.. the guy started with a boring topic but he seemed happy talking about it as I (we) were asking questions.. now the sides changed.. we were outside.. and were instructed to think of an interesting story and come in… I started my amazing diwali and neighbor story.. but this guy .. doesn’t listen.. he doesn’t react.. he is busy drawing his name on the notebook…  a very nice way to make us feel that when we are busying doing something and someone else is talking to us.. we tend to say..”yah im listening…” actually we are hearing.. not listening.. I definitely learnt something.. coz I tend to do it when I sit in front of the comp… so listening actively.. was taught in such a way wont be forgotten..
            We then went ahead with few memory and then few breakthroughs that can change anyone.. self confidence ,self direction ,communication.. and so on… a pretty serious topic.. we had to think about what self confidence means to you.. how you want to make it better.. and by doing what you can achieve a good peak in that.. the same for other topics..  we came to vision.. vision is just a dream.. a goal.. is the steps to achieve that vision.. so we had to plot down our vision… seriously.. I dint realize I could plot down 8 points… impressive..
            Then came an activity where we had to close our eyes and try to figure out where “east” was.. everyone pointed in various directions… next we closed our eyes again.. we had to point where we thought the trainer’s voice came from… all pointed in the same position… !!!!  blink…. Blink… well its coz for every vision we need relationships…. (this is deep.. takes time to figure it out) .. he spoke of improving relationships… he asked the golden question “ how many of us knew everyone’s name in the team”
Did anyone know.. TEAM stands for Together Each 1 Achieves More..  I dint…
I smiled thinking I dint know more than 15-20 people.. so then our trainer.. who we cant call sir..  we are taught to call them by their name.. or BOSS will write our name down… and we have to do the jungle dance on the last day…  
Our trainer says “ go to anyone in the room, introduce yourself and then tell them some thing good about them.. “ all of us like busy bee’s rushed around.. I started with the friend sitting next to me.. it slowly started getting little tough as I dint know many people.. so telling them something good about them was tough… it was also nice to hear something good about ourselves..  in the end.. after the time ended.. the trainer said..” you all met each other.. but did anyone come and meet me? “ amazing point.. the answer for this.. is to be Proactive…
            The day went on.. another activity came which dealt with some life changing.. or life defining moment.. the group where I was , was kinda shy to start.. but in the end it turned out almost everyone had a  Defining moment in their lives..
End of the day I am so impressed with what I learnt .. or had to unlearn to learn.. (again deep thought try to get it..) I am way more prepared for the next day.. and gonna  Align myself to live my Vision...


  1. you are too deep ( try to get it) into this stuff....... for the good or worse, i dont know!

  2. the way u were telling me abt this, i realized that u seriously enjoyed the session and actually learnt something..hope u learn a lot more and bring much needed changes where needed.. like actually listening to ur mom next time sitting in front of comp...