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Monday, November 15, 2010

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

The rain has seemed to seize.. the winds had slowed their pace.. the trees stopped swaying … Achu and I stood still.. The moon light came thought the window almost covering the room.. the light falling seemed red..  the glass had blood splattered all over it..

         The minute seemed like hours.. achu and I looked at each other quickly.. I took out my cell phone to call for help..  none of my calls were getting through.. the rain might have caused some problem. Even without switching on the loudspeaker The call could be heard clearly “*beep.. the number your trying is not reach..” “Hey rk, pick him up.. let’s go.. no point standing here”,Achu finally broke the silence. Achu moved upto Abhi’s legs.. I went towards his head and tried to move him.. Abhi moaned in pain.. Achu lifted his feet and signaled me to do the same.. I picked abhi off the ground.. we moved a few steps..  *ting tung tung.. a metal piece fell on the ground..  We kept walking.. slowly moving abhi out of the room.. I looked back to figure out what fell.. The red lit floor couldn’t conceal the shiny metal on the ground.. I immediately knew what fell..
Every few minutes blood splattered all over the floor, abhi immediately moaned in pain.. we reached outside.. achu ran towards his bike to get it started..  I took achu’s jacket and tied it around the abhi’s abdomen.. Achu came close with his bike,”rk .. let’s go.. keep him in between”  I hesitated and replied,”achu are you sure?”…” yah we don’t have time .. it’s now or never” achu moved as close as he could to the bike tank.. I lifted abhi’s right leg to get it across the bike..  abhi screamed,”ahh!! “ achu replied back,” it’s ok abhi we’re here.. breath.. “ achu then started his bike.. I stood next to the bike holding abhi on the seat.
The first few kicks seemed futile.. achu tried the automatic ignition to breathe some life in the bike.. I looked hopelessly towards abhi.. achu got down and tried kicking the starter few more times..  I asked,” achu we still have fuel don’t we?” achu dint reply.. he shaked the bike and nodded.. he tried starting the bike again..  achu removed his helmet and jacket, I could realize he was getting frustrated,I said,”achu calm down.. the rain might have done…”  from the end of the road a bright light was focused towards us.. we covered our eyes instantly..   a man came rushing towards us..  the bright light prevented us from seeing who it was.. achu replied,”who is it.. we need some help”   “abhay im Abhay Agarwal..” he replied.. as he came close to the bike..the name came as a shock to me.. could it really be saloni’s … even before the thought could complete I saw him in front of me.. “what happened” Achu and Abhay picked abhi into the car..  I dint move.. achu got into the car and looked at me.. he yelled,” RK lets go..”  I did not respond.. after a loud yell I responded.. ,”No achu you leave.. give me your keys.. I wanna check something”  Achu threw me his bike keys.. ,” are you sure.. I’ll speak to sir about where to take him alright,” I tried catching the keys in the darkness.. while nodding my head at the same time..

             The car took a reverse quickly and was out of sight.. I switch on the light of my phone and walked back into the room.. many thoughts rushed my mind, is abhi  gonna make it.. hows abhay here.. who would have done this to abhi.. what gain can anyone get from him.. I stopped when my feet  hit the glistening metal all smeared with blood..  I moved the phone erratically to try to find anything else..  * squeak squeak.. I turned around to notice few mice running around..  one of the mice was stuck inbetween something..  I turned my phone completely to notice the mice trap..  “mice traps don’t shine” I thought to myself and moved closer..  the mice tried fiercely to escape.. from a metal accessory..  this accessory seemed familiar.. but it was tough to pin point where I had seen one.. I kept it in my pocket and left..
The bike took a while to start up.. but I was soon on the way out of there..  on the way my phone started ringing.. I was glad the network was back up.. it was achu..
“hey rk.. we at… sirs friends clinic.. get there soon”
“alright.. how he doing”
“hes fine..  did you find something”
“yeah achu.. I think we did.. I think we did…”

        I quickly reached the clinic.. the white walls and green curtains were a contrast to the blue moon and red floor..  abhi was given a sedative to not feel the pain.. the knife had barely touched the vital organs.. the person wasn’t very good at what he did.. achu was standing next to me updating abhi’s condition.. sir walked out along with his friend.. and said,”what the hell .. rk what is this..”  I could make out he was ask freaked out as any one of us.. the doctor signaled someone to get some water for all of us..
Sir.. was a middle age man.. very happy and jovial.. he was a football coach.. he loved the game.. and enjoyed teaching it.. even thought most of us dint play football.. none of us knew how we became so close with him..
Sir continued,”good thing achu called me up.. I was planning to go to my native in the morning”
Achu and I then tried making ends meet .. and then I removed the bracelet..
“achu I remember seeing this somewhere.. but I don’t know where?
“hey wait Rk.. this is that guy.. its in the photo..” ,Achu said with a big smile on his face.. the one we could see when he ‘s very happy..
Abhay spoke,” could you bring me the photo.. ill make few calls..”

Abhay walked away to call up the crime department.. I was surprised how in such a short time he had become so influential.. well if abhi could get stabbed.. then why is this not possible..

       Abhay and sir left the place when the police van arrived.. Achu and I took turns to stay behind at night to give him company.. the doctor did mention he was out of harm.. but his wounds needed to heal before it caught any infection.. we were waiting for the sedative to wear off and to see him say,”bewakuf” again..

Been too long.. it was meant to be.. anyways Enjoy it

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  1. u had to get me stabbed,but who will want to kill me..atleast u didnt go ahead with bike sequence straight out of 3 idiots..that wud have been killed it..nice entry for sir too.wen u need him he is there...