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Monday, November 8, 2010


This has nothing to do with control systems. or any kind of feedback open or closed loop system.. the feedback here.. is the small piece of paper given to any one of us after a session.. to give a feedback..
           I’m sure each one of us might be part of a customer vendor chain where we were either satisfied or very upset in the end of it..  like most of you might have had a bad experience with customer service.. any mobile operator .. or even good.. in the past few months I have learnt that if the experience was good… or even remotely exceptional then make it a point to let the person know about it..  
My first of many experiences were with Spicejet which I already discussed earlier.. you don’t expect anyone to shell off 14kgs extra baggage for nothing..
My next experience.. Thought nothing big.. came with a nice outcome…
       For a friend’s birthday treat I happened to go to Rajdhani in Forum value mall one evening.. I am a big fan of hogging up rice.. something which I missed in Kolkata.. eating tons of rice with tons of sambhar.. so here.. I finished the chapatti.. and quickly moved onto rice.. the person serving the rice.. (Hence forth called Rice man) came and asked.. rice or khichdi.. I said rice.. he puts a spoon full and moves onto my mom.. I look at him with my hands up.. Gesturing.. What that’s it? .. he dint get the message I presume.. so next I ask him for ghee.. Which he happily smiles and says “ghee aur lo ghee” I ask for dal.. and eat away..once I finished.. the floor incharge came and asked what do you want.. I said more rice.. he gestures to someone and here comes rice man again.. asking what do you want.. I say rice.. he puts a spoon.. I look at him and say one more.. he puts one more..  and then I say “ghee” he repeats,”ghee aur lo ghee.. acha ghee.. aur ghee.. ye lo aur ghee” .. I just couldn’t stop myself from not smiling at his ghee verse.. I quickly finish my fresh serving.. and then I get to know that curd rice is the finish off dish..  so I’m waiting for the curd rice guy to come.. but instead the rice man appears and asks.. “want more rice” I nod my head.. but he smiles and says,”have a little… just little” I just couldn’t refuse.. so I say “fine give me little” .. he says,”ek spoon bhar kar deta hoon.. waste math karna.. ok..” and he puts the ghee on his own with the same ghee.. aur lo ghee.. I couldn’t stop myself from laughing now.. this guy was testing my rice eating capabilities.. the floor incharge looked at what just occurred at the table and gave a look to the rice man..  the first half spoon was easy to finish.. my calculation were quite “right on” the amount of rice I could have… the next half was testing me… I had a sip of water.. a sip of the butter milk.. and slowly.. one handful at a time.. ate the rice.. I could notice everyone’s plate was cleared.. and I had just 2 more bites left to finish off my rice.. I straightened my back.. kinda like making space for the extra rice.. and finished it off..
With the bill came the feedback form.. the usual questions.. how was the food.. was it cold or warm.. hows the ambience .. Were people friendly.. And last.. your comments..
“I had a great experience here.. nice to see someone serve you rice .. that compels you to eat more.. a great deal of thanks to the person serving us rice.. Thanks a lot”
I gave the form back to the incharge.. who read it..and was surprised.. I don’t know why… but I did what I wanted to…
A few days after this treat.. I was sitting at my work place looking though few mails.. when I get a call,”hello is this Mr…. “  a very sweet voice on the other side… so I reply
“I am calling from Rajdhani Restaurants  ... hope you had a nice experience in our hotel”
“ I thoroughly enjoyed it.. “
“please visit again.. we hope to see you again”
“ya sure it will be my pleasure..Thank you”
“thanks you bye..”
Many might have got a similar call.. but This phone call was the first for me.. and I felt nice. Coz it made a difference..  and that’s what matters in the end.. if it matters make a difference.. if it doesn’t matter.. don’t bother…


  1. i think u have to acknowledge what ur friends do for u as well....we really dont expect that though....give it a try... :)

  2. dodo..cnt u name'em something dat cud sound bttr....curd rice guy , rice man...wah!

  3. @deepu: fishing for aknowdgement from rk, is it?
    @rk: good its always nice to appreciate ppl for their kindness and care...