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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Troubled Deep

It was an Afternoon in the early part of the year... Shijo and I had just returned from our visit from a company. to see how our project was moving.. shijo had to go home.. he remembered asking me for windows setup disk.. and the only person who had it was our vulnerable Victim.. and this is how the aforesaid person became the Victim..

I made a call.. to him..
Rk: “ hey macha.. wat you doing”
Deepu.. sounding like woken from a deep sleep.. “ what the **** da.. im sleeping..”
Rk,” macha.. you have the disk.. dint I tell you to give it.. shijo is asking he needs it badly”
Deepu,”fine come and take it”
Rk,” no bike macha.. shijo is leaving now.. meet him in SBI and give it na”
Shijo looked at me and said what?? I gestured him not no worry..
Deepu “ ah when? Im sleeping da…”
Rk,”hes gonna walk now.. hes very hungry.. so don’t waste time.. meet him alright”
Deepu” ok.. ohkkk kkkkk”
And the conversation for now ended.
I knew it.. this might have just slightly broken him from his sleep..
Shijo and I were having a slight chuckle on what how I woke him from his slumber..we waited for ten minutes and then I made the call again..
“Deeepu where are you.. shijo is walking in the hot sun and your still sleeping.. so bad macha.. think about him..”
Not allowing him to say a word..
“what macha.. sleep is so important.. go just give him the disk…”
He yells back,”oye im leaving ……leaving.. wearing shoes..”
“good … be there alright”
I kept the call.. and started walking downstairs to pick up the bike keys and leave..
Shijo gets a call while I was taking the bike out of the garage..
“oye jo where are you..”
“im walking towards HAL da..”
“hmm ok.. can you see a white bus..”
“yeah yeah.. its in the side..”  .. he had really no idea what he was agreeing on..
“how far are you from it..”
“its on right side.. im walking..”
“oh ok come come.. im near the crossing”
Shijo gets the bike and narrates to me the White bus tale..  still not knowing which bus..
After  about 5 to 6 minutes..  on the road towards the crossing where Deepu was waiting.. when riding the bike we saw the white bus.. which is like 100 mts away from where deepu was standing.. I slowly came upto deepu’s cross.. he was sitting on a bench near the road..  and the expression on his face was Amazing.. the words that came out from him.. are way to civilized to even mention here.. the disk was returned.. Deepu’s sleep disturbed.. and he turned out to be very grumpy…

I have since then always thought of again making a victim out of my dear friend.. and it so happened very soon…

I was returning from college.. deepu apparently dint come to college. So I was walking from hal..( no bus or auto.. ) towards my house.. so I made a call..
“oye deepu.. how are you”
“yah im fine..”
“alright you wanted the movies and the episodes right”
“yeah yeah..”
“alright macha get the pen drive and come to my place now..”
“hmmm ok give me 10 mins”
I estimated the time it will take to reach the cross..
“perfect .. 10 mins is fine..”
After a few minutes.. I called him again..
“anyways where are you did you leave”
“yeah taking the bike”
“ok macha.. on the way pick me up from the sbi bank crossing.. im waiting”
The only words which deepu said ,”************************************************”
He did come to pick me up anyways.. and I did give him the movies..

I tried doing this again.. when I came back from Kolkata.. but this time it was the excuse was to come and pick up the dress which I got.. but.. he got wise.. he immediately asked me,”where are you” .. he did pick me up anyways.. but there was no fun in it…

The last… but not the final one I presume.. happened a few days ago.. Deepu had a very bad mood going on.. he had to study.. his training was hectic.. and I had asked him to join a game to play.. which he dint..  so I asked him to do this…
Create a new shortcut on the desktop..
It asks for which command to run.. I asked him to type “shutdown -30…. “Virus Remover””
The Virus remover is only a pseudo name.. the actual program which would run is System shutdown and he had only 30 abort it.,.
The next screen is.. what would you like to name the shortcut.. which he dint know what to name..
I suggested.. ,”type virus remover.. or virus cleaner.. so that you remember it.. this should take care of yr worm issues”
He did it..
I asked him if he was running any important program.. or he might loose it..
He said no..
All this was happening on Gtalk.. and in the IM I asked him.. fine .. run it..
His only reply…, “ ***** “
And in 30 secs.. he logged off..

He obviously was pissed for sometime.. evaded my calls and messages for an hour.. but only I know how hilarious it was… still brings a smile on my face..
So.. my dear deepu.. this one is just for you..

And sadly.. deepu thought im writing about his personal matter.. or why does he buy Vaseline every week..

Kudos for being a Sport..

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  2. nice...poor deepu... but he still has to learn a lot. and u wanted this song aint it related to 3 stooges...

  3. nice 1......:)
    deepu ..u been troubled so much...poor guy!