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Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Transporters

Many travel by public transport now a days.. a major portion of buses now a days has techies in it.. if its plying to and fro the tech parks.. I happened to be a very different mood one morning.. and I decided to note down the various Category of Passengers on one of the buses..

Seat Jumpers : This Category belongs to those people who are just not comfortable by the seat.. only in a empty bus they try to experiment with the window seats on either side of the bus.. may be its rain or the sun.. they just like to seat jump.. In a croded bus they still don’t seem to be comfortable.. they keep fidgeting on the seats..
My seat syndromers: Some people just happened to catch the same bus every single day.. so the driver knows him.. the conductor also knows him/her.. and so he doesn’t even have to tell him where he is going to.. (if hes not traveling with a pass).. so he gets addicted to sit in the same seat.. if he doesn’t get it he will be either sitting next to his spot.. or standing next to it.. until it becomes free.. even if it means to sit on it to travel just till the next stop.
First Seaters : this is usually noticed only on the Volvos.. where there is a single seat right in the front.. usually meant for the conductor I presume.. so this category of people.. are little evolved form of seat jumpers.. they sit somewhere in the corner.. and keep jumping until they come on the First seat..
Arguers : they have a wrong pass.. or no change.. or no sense of sanity.. they just love to argue with the conductor for just no reason..
Impatient : sometimes the bus stops somewhere.. for too long.. this category of people start screaming.. they bang the roof or the sides.. or start whistling so that the bus moves..
Crossworders : this is usually the sophisticated lot.. they try to solve cross word puzzles.. even if they are stuck to just one word for the entire try..
Music Lovers : A very major portion of people .. techies mostly are into this category.. they get onto the bus and start listening to music.. and sometimes they go into the next category..
Sleepers : Again very common in techies usually in the morning and evening.. they sometimes evolve from music listeners.. they just find a cozy place to sit and sleep… sometimes during afternoon non techies are also tend to doze of may be due to actual Hard work.. and not like the former..
Texter : This is the young blood.. all they do is stare at their phones.. and keep messaging.. messaging … all that we can hear is the loud keypad sounds..tick tick tick….
Newspaper Addicts: This is the lot who don’t get time to read the newspaper.. I cant talk about this category a lot.. it varies from people sticking to sports section or entertainment section… and if it’s the local newspaper.. it means staring at the Big Beauties..
Laptop lovers : Few people love work so much.. that they sit on a seat.. and flip the laptop open..
Gossipers : this usually involves a bunch of girls.. who either talk about some person at work.. or the usual this guy did this to that girl….
Jersey : this is specific to people who come in football jerseys and talk some utter nonsense that is a rip-off todays newspaper about some football player..
Singers : The evolved form of music lovers.. they love the song so much they sing.. and they sing so well.. that either the next person sings along or he closes his ears..
LoudSpeaker : they happened to be people with a very loud voice.. or may be they are making a long distance phone calls.. i presume they might be speaking to someone on mars or the moon.. they attract so less attention.. once the phone call is over.. they look around noticing why is everyone staring at them !! crazy right..
Starrers : they usually travel upto the last stop.. but they make it a point to stare at every single one when the bus stops at every stop.. they sometimes evolve into the next category too..
Silencers : They usually sit next to the doors.. possible passengers ask them if it’s the bus to go to a destination.. they just sit .. they don’t respond..
Wrong Directors : sometimes a evolved form of silencers.. .. they just might nod their head even if it’s the right bus or sometimes even if you are in ulsoor they might tell you are close to majestic..
Runners : The last and the best.. they see a bus.. and rush to it.. they tend to wave the bus from the other side of the road..they sometimes even dodge moving traffic.. to just rush to the conductor and ask him about the destination.. and get rejected in the last moment.. coz it’s the wrong bus.. happens rarely though.. or else.. they just rush into the bus huffing and puffing to take deep breaths..

The image does not belong to me. The credit belongs to who ever took it.

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  1. i fall into many categories... i find many ppl standing on wrong side of road asking if the bus goes to their place..