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Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Incomplete Proposal List

A picture is worth a thousand words, the one below is no exception..
It says exactly what is happening here...

I am gonna write something on the same might be classy or funny, might also be outright cheesy... but it will be a romantic proposal list.. 

The beauty of it .. its an incomplete list.. 

The Balloon... 
The Idea:
What we do is take few balloons...take a big one.. and the ring (hopefully diamond or anything else what you can afford).. bubble wrap that gravity doesn't scratch the stone..(we can avoid the bubble wrap if floor is carpeted..) so now we have a tightly bubble wrapped ring,which we insert into the balloon along with some confetti...we blow up the balloon..tie it up and leave it.. blow up few more balloons with some confetti...and finally one more balloon with loads..loads of confetti...

The Execution :
Get your partner to the desired location with the balloons..
You should exactly know which balloon has the max confetti and which has the ring..You tell her its a game to burst all balloons the quickest... separate the balloons... she gets few balloons , one of them with the ring..
you get the rest.. one of them with loads of confetti..
And you are off : burst burst burst... as soon as she reaches for the ring balloon.. you reach for the balloon with loads of confetti... 

Hopefully she should notice the ring drop.. 

The Bus...
The Idea:
this is close to impossible.. but might turn out beautiful...
get hold of a bus. preferably a Volvo and just enough people in the bus to occupy every seat..the bus with initially few people seated..the difficult part... your partner (to be).. has to get into this specific bus..the part that makes this close to impossible ??? make sure no one else gets into the bus..
now when the bus goes around the city..the bus gets filled with your predefined people..

The Execution:
just from no where.. like a flash mob.. one passengers stands and starts singing.. any romantic song..
a song which just might hit the right chords... next another passenger.. continuing the song..
next another passenger.. singing the end.. if everything goes right.. your partner is freaking out like crazy.. every passenger is singing the song..
the bus stops... your girl almost in tears.. scared... you walk in with a bunch of roses.. go to her..  
in my head.. this seems surreal.. but completely worth it..

The Electrical..
The Idea:
It helps if you have atleast little idea about voltage,current, or have a friend whose good with lights..
Take a hard card board.. and simple write your proposal on it.. with lights.. Preferably LED.. they look pretty good.there are various colors in the market.. so shouldn't be tough to pick a good one..
This is actually very simple.. but you can never go wrong with lights.. unless you happen to shock yourself..

The Execution:
Has to be late evening when its dark enough for your partner to not notice what is placed around her..
strike a really boring .. topic.. talk and talk... and from no where ...Switch on the lights .. and you can be on your knees or.. whatever suits you .. :P

The Mobile..
The Idea:
 This essentially requires a cell phone with either a message scheduler.. or online messaging portal which lets you send messages at a scheduled time...
this can get a little painstaking..

it starts at 12:00 am.. when the first text message reaches her..
12:00 AM , hey you awake..
12:15 Am, nothing much i want to tell you a story..
12:30 Am so it was some years ago...
12:45 Am when there was this guy...
1:00 Am..
yes we are gonna send one text message every 15 mins..

Essentially.. the text message is not just 1 message.. its a story.. it actually helps.. if you remember how you met her.. the small fights.. the fun times... and so forth.. which will be told every 15 mins.. without hinting that the boy and girl in your stories is you and her..

by the 12th hour.. 12:00 pm.. obviously.. she might be interested to either read the whole story.. or might just be irritated by so many messages...(92 in total).. you are gonna give out some hints.. the good times.. the times when sparks were flying.. the times when boy knew something was there.... and finally you end something like this..

9:00 pm :so this boy realized he loved this girl
9:15 pm :he dint know how to tell her how he felt..
9:30 pm :he thought long and hard..
9:45 pm :finally he decided to tell a story..
10:00 pm :but when we dont have time to speak.. how is it possible to tell a story..
10:15 pm :he mustered enough courage..and picked his cellphone.. 
10:30 pm :and decided to tell the girl..
10:45 pm :so every 15 mins.. he spoke to the girl..
11:00 pm :sent her a big story as small messages..
11:15 pm :just coz she means a lot..
11:30 pm :just to confess my love to you..
11:45 pm :just coz you are always on my mind... !!!!
12:00 AM : ( end it with any kind of sweet words... )


well this is the start of the Incomplete Proposal List...  
there might be more to come..  

The Credit of the image to be given to its owner.
I am not an expert in this field.. so few of this actually might not work.. or will just backfire.. this is just my thoughts on how i can make that moment last forever...

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